Senior leaves lasting legacy

By: Michael Pepin

Senior Oscar Anderson slices through the shining waters of the pool, the sun not even beginning to poke through the early dawn.  So continues yet another practice, one of many that he has attended, and one of his last as a member of the swim team as his senior year draws to a close. This fall semester, he also spent countless hours with the marching band, helping them win a state title.

Anderson’s position on the swim team represents years of hard work.

“I first started swimming seven years ago because I thought it would be something fun to do and I liked to swim,” said Anderson.

On an average day, the alarm clock  4:45 a.m. when he finally pulls himself out of bed in order to meet an early swim practice before school until 7 a.m.  From there, the busy school day takes over until after school where swim practice reigns again back at Highland Hills Middle school.

“I don’t really have time for almost anything because of the swim team.  In the fall, I am barely able to squeeze in Marching Band, but that is it,” said Anderson.

He plans on attending Kenyen university in Ohio after graduating as a member of the class of 2013.

“They have a wonderful academic program and a high rating as a medical school.  I want to be able to keep swimming in college and still become a doctor, so Kenyen is a great school for me,” said Anderson.

In the Marching Band, Oscar plays the baritone saxophone. Many describe him as an eccentric and good natured individual.

“You can’t really describe Oscar with one sentence, it just doesn’t work like that.  He is unique and funny, slightly spontaneous at times.  He is exellent with the baritone sax and as one of the leaders of the saxophone section,” said junior Brad Harbeson.

Even though Anderson has a lot going on, he still makes time for his family.

“Oscar and I are really close brothers, and I kind of look up to him at times, he is like my best friend.  We do a lot of stuff together, like swimming, marching, hanging out with friends, we just do random stuff together all the time since we share the same interests. I am going to miss Oscar very much, even though I am going to get his room, it will still suck for him to go away to college,”  said sophomore Eli Anderson, his brother.

Anderson also acknowledges that his family had a big impact on both his swimming career and his overall character.

“If there was anyone who ever influenced my life, it was my couch and parents.  They really grew on me, the whole swim team.  That’s kind of the reason I am the person I am today,” said Anderson.

Anderson claims that his senior year has been his best season yet, and his coach, Joe Perkins agrees.

“Last season Oscar surpassed my expectations for the season. He has earned a top 8 finish at the state meet last year in the 200 IM and a top 16 finish in the 100 backstroke.I am hoping he will be able to repeat his performances from last season at the high school state swim meet and continue to improve his times,” said Perkins.

With a college already chosen, Anderson can focus on his senior year and finishing his high school swim career.

“Its been a pleasure to watch Oscar grow as a person and a swimmer over the past four years.  It is always a joy for a coach to watch hard work pay off.  I hope he continues to swim in college and have great success at the next level.he has been a great kid to work with over the past 4 years. Like any senior I hope he has a great season, one he can truly enjoy and look back on without any regrets,” said Perkins.

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