Senior studies in the classroom, sings on stage

By Karli Coleman

Photos by Karli Coleman

Red and blue lights flash upon senior Zayne Hutchison as he walks across the stage. Roars of cheering ripple through the crowd as Hutchison grabs the microphone and begins belting out his first song.

On Friday Aug. 7 at the Headliners Music Hall, fans from all across Kentuckiana came to watch Hoosier, a beloved and renowned local band, perform.

“I joined Hoosier about four years ago,” said Hutchison. “I saw the movie School of Rock and I wanted to be just like that. I fell in love with it, so I joined a band.”

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Boys’ tennis team strives for triumphant season

By Miranda Legg and Sam Weiser

Photos by Miranda Legg

With a determined look on his face and sweat rolling down his neck, sophomore Ryan Shean goes up to the net to hit the ball at tennis practice on Wednesday, Aug.12.

“A lot of us put countless hours in during the summer to get in shape so we can get better and be one of the best teams in the state,” said Shean.

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iPads reshape student learning

By Abbigail Wilson and Erin O’Farrell

Sophomore Haley Byrnes walks into class and slides into her seat. As other students enter, the projector flashes on. Their teacher walks them through a presentation and Byrnes quickly takes notes. Others follow her lead, while some muffle yawns and have their heads resting in their hands.

As of this year, FC decided to enrich their students’ learning through iPads. Sophomores are the first to receive them and juniors will receive them in January.

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