Whaley leaves legacy for Willman to fulfill

By Garland Noel

The front office bustles with activity, kids, teachers, and administrative staff moving to and fro like ants in a hive. Principal Janie Whaley has been queen of the front office and beyond, keeping everything in its place, everyone running in synch, and the school a safe learning environment for countless students. Next year however, is a different story, and now the front office has found a new monarch in assistant principal Rob Willman to replace a retiring Whaley. Continue reading Whaley leaves legacy for Willman to fulfill

Artistic interpretations of students everyday heroes

By Sky Blessing

What does your modern day hero look like to you?

“Really muscular and defined. The kind of person that would save a cat from a tree,” said senior Josh Poynter.


“A guy who embraces himself for the benefit of his business,” said sophomore Bethany Gobbel.


“My mom; she makes sure everything is simply put and gets me from place to place,” said freshman Hannah Bubnar.


“My hero is a strong feminist woman like Frida Kahlo,” said sophomore Rebeca Flores.


Playlist suggestions for upcoming season

by Jenny North and Emma Anderson

If you are craving a little throwback in your freetime click the link below.

If you are looking for new, upcoming music to match your summer style click the link below.

If interested in more information about each playlist, be sure to pick up the April 22 issue of the Bagpiper.

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