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  1. A young lady from the Bagpiper staff called Harrison REMC this morning at 8:57 and left a voice mail for me. She asked if I would allow her to use Harrison REMC as an information source on the topic of renewable energy in a Bagpiper story she wants to write. The answer is certainly.
    Now the problem is, I could not determine what her name is from recording on my voice mail. I think it was “Brianna” or something similar. And the last name sounded like “Storming”. The phone number she left was not complete as the phone blanked out while she relayed two digits. But I did hear: 812-987-__87. So if your staff can determine who this young lady is that needs Harrison REMC to assist in her article, please give her my contact information to get in touch with me again. I would be honored to be a resource for her effort to write an article on renewable energy.
    Bob Geswein, Harrison REMC Energy Services
    P.O. Box 517
    Corydon, IN 47112
    e-mail: bgeswein@harrisonremc.com
    direct office number: 812-734-3538
    Facility number: 812-738-4115
    Cell number: 812-987-7647

  2. I have hit the basketball tab and the only current basketball stories are of the boys and boys’ mini league. There is one story for girl’s basketball and that was last year’s article on Madison Kaiser. The boy’s scrimmages were even covered and not one girl’s basketball game has been covered or reported on. Why is little boys mini league covered in a high school paper? I definitely see where the priorties lie.

    1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We strive to cover all of our great sports teams at this school. We’ll pass this to our sports editor and discuss ways to better our girls’ basketball coverage. Thank you for reading!

    2. Additionally, we can send you PDFs of our print paper where we covered girls’ basketball last issue. We do not currently post them online, but we can send them to you by email if you wish.

    1. Thanks for visiting our website, Kris. You can find all our online basketball stories in the basketball tab, under the sports section. You can also type “basketball” or “girls’ basketball” in the search bar to find specific stories.

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