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Faculty sponsors inspire great expectations

By Jonathan Blaylock

English teacher and FCDM sponsor Matthew Townsend gives orders to Executive Committee members as they inspect the activities prior to the event.

With a large committee of 80 members and 19 executive members, these students have been guided by five teachers throughout the year to put on one of the biggest events at FC.

Townsend, English teachers Tiffany Stansbury and Anne Martin, psychology teacher Katrina Uhl and math teacher Kristina Bauerla are the five teachers that oversee FCDM and help sponsor the event.

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Personal connection to Riley Children’s Hospital inspires teacher to participate in Dance Marathon

By Quinn Fitzgerald

He tosses a ball to an audience member and the next moment, he makes it disappear. The joy that illuminates from their faces reminds the magician why he does what he does.

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Dance Marathon committees plan out the year ahead

By Peter Hyle and Sidney Reynolds

FC will be hosting the Dance Marathon this February for the fourth consecutive year. This event provides games and activities in an effort to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital. To conduct an event like this requires well thought out planning and dedication. In order to make the fundraiser as successful as possible, the planning and preparations are divided into four different committees.

“We have the fundraising committee, which is in charge of fundraising money prior to the event itself to try and get the total up each year. We also have recruitment, which works on getting people to the event itself and spreading the word about what Dance Marathon is and what we’re trying to accomplish. The entertainment committee is in charge of planning the night, which involves creating a schedule and planning out all of the activities. And then of course there’s catering that provides us with all of the food and beverages,” said FCDM coordinator and English teacher Tiffany Stansbury.

Creating each committee and giving them a purpose was a large task to take on. But even more in depth was deciding how each group would be constructed. For the fourth annual Dance Marathon, there were 170 students who volunteered to be on staff. Unfortunately, not everyone could be accepted.

“It was certainly a nice problem to have,” said Stansbury, “But we had to have a certain amount of guys and girls, a certain amount from each grade, and then we tried to get an even amount of people who have been involved in previous years and people who are new to the staff.”

Each year the event is hosted, more students learn about the fundraiser and it’s success seems to build from previous years.

“I had so much fun at last year’s Dance Marathon, and I thought it would be an even better experience this year to contribute,” said sophomore Kristen Burger, new to the FCDM staff this year.

Even though the main event is not until the second semester, the committees are dedicating their time and efforts in advance to make as large an impact as possible.

“We sold Yankee Candles at the end of August as our first fundraiser, and we have so much more planned. The yard sale is on Sept. 28, and we have a Halloween Party coming soon in October,” said Burger.

For the other volunteers, the overall experience of being on staff is also a main reason they choose to dedicate themselves to the cause.

“I volunteered for Dance Marathon again this year because last year it had a big impact on my life. It felt good to be a part of something so huge and worthwhile. I was a small part in it but it was still a great opportunity,” said junior Lexie Byrd.

For the past three years, the FCDM committee has gone past their own expectations and raised more than their actual goal. To make this possible for a fourth year in a row, their new goal is to “Strive for Forty-Seven Five”, which is a couple thousand more than what they collected at last year’s event. On top of that, they are constantly thinking of how they can improve and give more back to Riley’s Hospital.

“We’re trying to get the word out earlier and take part in more activities throughout the school year. For us, Dance Marathon is a year-long process and we want to bring that to the school as well,” said Stansbury.

Editor’s Note: For more details on this year’s Dance Marathon activities, check out the Oct. 4 issue of The Bagpiper.

Riley Children’s Hospital provides hope for kids with none

By Rebekah Landers

As many students sign up to attend this Saturday’s Dance Marathon, some pose questions about what Riley actually does. English teacher Tiffany Stansbury is the creator of the event and she has all the information about it.

“Riley Children’s  Hospital is the only comprehensive children’s hospital in Indiana, which means it is the only children’s hospital in the state that will handle any life threatening illness,” said Stansbury.

Paying for the treatments that Riley provides is a common problem for the families that receive the care. Riley tries its best to ensure that does not happen.

“The hospital also has a financial program so that if families go there and they don’t have health insurance or their insurance does not cover the treatment, they will pay the bills for them so when families leave they do not have to be in debt,” said Stansbury.

So the money that is raised from the Dance Marathon will go directly to help families pay for treatment. Last year the school raised $17,572.44.

“This year we set our goal at $15,000 so we will see if we make it,” said Stansbury.

To raise this money it takes a lot of group effort, one of the main groups that contributes to raising money for Riley is the student council.

“We have five different committees for Dance Marathon and one of them is recruitment so that group of 12 students are completely in charge of getting people to know about it and get people to the event, and they do everything from setting up tables at lunch, to having a flash mob, and presenting a video,” said Stansbury.

The Floyd Central Dance Marathon raises money for Riley Hospital and all of the proceeds go to the cause. Check back the rest of the week for more info on the event.