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Theatre arts prepares for ‘A Christmas Carol’

By Lauren Holstner

A Christmas Carol has gone from the book to the silver screen and will now to be seen on the stage at FC this November. Theatre director Chris Bundy has chosen this play because it is well known by people and is one of their favorites.

Bundy has a lot of confidence that his students will complete this play to their best ability.

“I think they’ll do amazingly and it’s also New Albany students; it’s a joint production,” he said.

Among the NA students who received leads is David Kane, who will be playing the role of Bob Cratchit. There will also be many students from the elementary schools participating in this production.

“It’s always fun working with New Albany. I think it’s great working with other schools, to see them work together and get new friends,” said Bundy.

Freshman Caitlin Fien will be the youngest member of the production’s tap chorus. Fien is looking forward to the various numbers she will be performing in.

“I’m looking forward to the Ghost of Christmas Present dance the most. We wear these hats with food on them, and have green velvet dresses,” said Fien. “Imagine me tap dancing with a pie on my head!”

Senior Erica Mohler was cast as Mrs. Fezziwig, but worries that she may display characteristics of her Drowsy Chaperone role.

“The hardest part about performing my character would probably be not falling back into previous characters. As an actor it’s really easy, when you have two characters that are really similar, to repeat their personalities on stage,” said Mohler.

Show dates to see A Christmas Carol are on Nov. 4, 5, 11 and 12 at 7:30 p.m., or Nov. 6 and 13 at 2 p.m.

Freshmen Melissa Renfrow said her favorite part of the play is the dancing, since she was in Oliver and that was her favorite part of that play. These students all have different reasons for being theatre and acting.

This play also has special meaning for Bundy.

“Well, yes, it does since this is my year I’m going to retire and it was one of my favorite stories. We did it so it’s a perfect ending,” he said.