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Following Highlander Band: Highlanders scramble through ISSMA invitational

Photo by Kate Zuverink

Story by Gracie Vanover

Last week, not only did the Highlander Band endure their second band camp, but they came home with a gold with distinction rating at ISSMA (Indiana State School Music Association)’s Open Class Invitational. 

In overall ranking the band placed second with a score of 76.3 and beat Castle’s Marching Knights in individual music and almost tied with them for overall music. This was also the first public viewing of the entire show, which was completed last Friday. 

“I am extremely happy and excited about our scores. With the end of the show being so new to us, I did not expect our scores to be good but I was pleasantly surprised,” said senior baritone and trombone player Lindy Lawrence. “I expected to get second but not to be anywhere close to Castle. This gives me a lot of hope for [this] week’s competition, and that we can move on to semi-state.”

Although the band started learning the finale to their show two days before their performance they still did the best they could. 

“I felt that there is a need for more run through of the fourth movement, especially the ending charts as we didn’t have as much preparation time as we had for the rest of the show,” said junior trumpet player Brendan Sturgeon. 

After this past weekend, the Highlanders are ready to kick it into high gear for regionals this weekend. 

“I feel like we have a good chance of making it to semi-state,” said sophomore guard member Rebecca Moody. “I also feel like our band is ready for this challenge because one band gets sent home and we don’t want it to be us. I [think] our hours of rehearsal have really been showing and [we’ve] got this.”

As ISSMA Regionals approaches rapidly the seniors also prepare for their last shot at state. 

“At the moment I feel nervous about regionals, but we got a good score at the ISSMA contest in Jasper so I’m holding out hope that we make it to semi-state,” said senior flute player Lainey Noles. “The thought of it being the seniors last chance at state makes me upset, but at the same time more determined to do our best.”

The band only has a few more weeks of the marching band season so be sure to catch them at their remaining performances. Regionals this weekend will be at Center Grove High School in Greenwood. To find the schedule for the band go to their website: http://www.floydcentralband.org


Following Highlander Band: Band scurries through Cardinal Stadium

Photo by Sophia Perigo 

Story by Gracie Vanover

As the mid-day sun floats above the Cardinal Stadium the band prepares their skyscraper and subway props. The band warms up and positions themselves to their dot ready to start a new day in the big city.

This weekend, The Highlanders traveled just across the bridge to perform for the Bands of America [BOA] Louisville Regional. The band placed 9 in their class and 17 out of 28 bands, but many were not disappointed. 

“Even though we didn’t make finals, I still feel like it was [a] great performance. Going into BOA I was definitely feeling a little nervous since we hadn’t got to spin equipment that morning for the run through and only really got to do opening dance full out,” said junior guard member Arianna Lamb. “But, once we got through warmup and were walking to the performance gate I could tell it was going to be a good show just by all the positive energy the band was putting off going into the performance.”

With the competition being smaller than normal at BOA many held their heads high 

with hope.

“I felt like we had more hope in making it into finals,” said sophomore pit member Allison Farber.  “But I do miss the bigger competition because I [would have] felt better about not making it in.”

Although their competition seemed easier, the show had many working parts added during after school rehearsals which proved to be a challenge for some.

“I love the preshow. While it is a cliché song, I think it is good to have it as the opening of the show because it symbolizes the morning,” said senior baritone player Lindy Lawerence. “[Percussion staff member] Dave Isaacs did a great job at making it and the transition to the loud alarm that wakes the band and the audience up. The tarps are good too. They add more theming to the show. They have worked well so far for me, but I do know they have caused some people to trip during the few times we have used them. I since they aren’t taped to the ground, I worry that they may cause problems during a show if there is wind.”

While the band attends competitions every weekend, BOA is quite different from the usual two-hour drive to regular invitationals.

“BOA competitions are some of my favorite competitions because they’re not anything 

like a regular competition is. With BOA competitions you get to see bands from all around the United States instead of just seeing our typical competitors that are from Kentucky and Indiana,” said Lamb. 

This weekend the band will be hosting the 

29th annual Floyd Central Invitational. Tickets are $5 for students and $7 for adults at the gate. Shows will begin at 3  p.m. Be sure to come out to support the Highlander Band as they perform in exhibition. To find the schedule for the band go to their website: www.floydcentralband.org. 


Following Highlander Band: Marching band jolts audience awake at Columbus North

Photo by Sophia Perigo

Story by Gracie Vanover

Beep. Beep. Beep. This past weekend the Marching Highlanders woke up audience members in Columbus, Indiana at Columbus North High School for the first competition of the season. The band unveiled their show SynchroniCITY for the first time for the competitive marching season and was ready to take the win.

The band played Friday evening at the FC vs Vincennes Lincoln game the night before the morning of rehearsal for contest. Friday was the first time FC supporters had seen the show at a game this football season.

“I think we did alright, everyone was in high spirits once it started,” said junior Tatum Schaefer. “Musically we could’ve done better as a whole just because we got off time and separated by sections. Other than that I think it was a very good first performance and gives me hope for the rest of our season.”

For freshmen this was their first experience on a field other than their own and for sophomores the first time they marched on Columbus North’s field since last season the performance was rained out and moved inside. 

“Last year was stressful from the rain making our performance iffy, but marching against our competition was nice to see what we had against us,” said sophomore Ryan Gude. “However, we did win most of the awards, so I feel confident that we’ll do good this year.”

Of course with any show some had the pre-show jitters but they did not allow that to stop them in their tracks. 

“[At first] I was nervous but then I realized I didn’t have to be [since we’ve worked so hard],” said freshman Faith Andres. 

This year the Highlanders have progressed farther than they have in past years even though they did not reveal it all on the field.

“I feel like we are much farther along than previous years,” said junior Abbey Taylor. “Getting our music and drill much earlier than previous years has definitely made a major impact on our progress.”

Although the band did not reveal everything they have on the field this weekend they won multiple awards including best auxiliary, best percussion, sweepstakes, and 1st in Open Class. The band will continue their season this weekend at Lawrence Central in Indianapolis. To find out where the band performs and their schedule for other competitions check out their website: www.floydcentralband.org 


Marching band coverage from the parent show on Aug. 9