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Lady Highlanders beat expectations, finishing 19th at state

Photos submitted by Reagan Kurk

Girls’ cross country going to state this weekend after 12 years

by Jonathan Blaylock

The cross county team is rising up in competition. Tomorrow will be the first time in 12 years the team will go to state competition.

“I’m really glad about going to state,”said senior Jamie Bierman.” I’m really glad it worked out…because we worked our butt off the last four years.”

Coach Carl Hook said he thinks the team will place around fifteenth and will run their race and cross the finish line with pride.

Senior Jamie Bierman and Zoe Doebbler run at semi state in brown county on Oct. 26. Submitted photo by Reagan Kurk.
Senior Jamie Bierman and Zoe Doebbler run at semi state in brown county on Oct. 26. Submitted photo by Reagan Kurk.

Tonight team members are going to Terre Haute to spend the night. Tomorrow morning the seven runners will do a shake out run since they don’t compete until 1 p.m. They will be competing against over 200 runners.

“[This competition] is a great deal for the program. It’s a big step, the program has been at this level before and we’ve been working hard to get back there. So getting there and getting the team back up on that level is a big deal and means a lot,”said Hook.

It’s exciting for the team and junior Cassie Nale said that it brings the team even closer to achieve winning and staying on top. All in all Cross Country wants to run the race and finish it and that is what they plan to do.

Marching Highlanders place seventh at state

By Megan Hardin and Patrick Prifogle

On Saturday, Nov. 3, the FC band marched their way to Lucas Oil Stadium, where they competed at state. “This was the most emotional performance for me, placement didn’t matter,” said senior Chloe Wassom. The emotional performance earned a seventh place finish.

Marching band performs on Saturday at the state finals at Lucas Oil Stadium. The band placed seventh in the state. This was the fourth consecutive year the marching band earned a trip to the finals. Photo by Sidney Reynolds.

“They did great, it was the best performance they have ever put together,” said band director Harold Yankey. Although they didn’t finish as well as they had hoped to they were all very pleased with their performance.

“I’m really happy about the performance. Our band improved greatly from last year, but so did everyone else’s,” said senior Christian Thomas.

“It was one of the best performances, everyone did really well,” said senior Maggie Staples. Many band members thought they deserved a higher place. “We couldn’t have done a show better than Saturday, we probably should have gotten sixth or fifth,” said Staples.

In the end, however, what really matters is the experience.

“It was a great ending to five years of band,” said Thomas.

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Seniors march to state finals four consecutive years

By Megan Hardin and Patrick Prifogle

Doing what no other FC band has done before, the marching Highlanders have accomplished something remarkable as they compete in the state finals for the fourth consecutive year tomorrow.

“It’s the best feeling ever knowing that we accomplished something that no other FC graduating class has done,” said senior Shelby Reynolds.

“It’s very honoring to know that for the first time in 50 years. We came to a level of success to go to state all four years. Our goal has been to be the first band to go to state four times and we did it. I’m glad the class of 2013 made history,” said senior Craig Keibler.

Going to state for the last four years has raised the band’s expectations.

“Our goal this year isn’t just going to state; it’s doing well at state,” said senior Christian Thomas.

After finishing no higher than sixth place their last three years, the band is really trying to step up their game even more.

“This band has the potential to do better than sixth,” said Thomas.

“I think we have stepped it up this year; we need to perform well to be the best,” said senior Ryan Marksbury.

“I hope we get better than sixth, because getting sixth is getting old,” added senior Matt Drescher.

The band’s high expectations throughout the season have led them to this weekend’s honor.

“We expected to go to state this year. I think we can get fourth or fifth,” said senior Will Fancher.

In order to stop the trend of sixth place finishes, a lot of preparation has been done.

“We are working harder and are more focused, cleaning up a lot more than we have before,” said senior Andrew Frieberger

“We are working on keeping the visuals and music together,” added senior Parker Lyons.

“We need to do better on music; marching is improving,” said senior Amber Sprigler.

With all the stress of state it can be easy to forget that this is the senior’s last attempt at greatness.

“It’s kind of sad because this is the last competition I’m ever going to do at this school with this group of people,” said senior Kayla Sumner.

“This year has been stressful; it’s amazing to know I get to do it one last time,” said Sprigler.

Dazzlers hope to add to state title tomorrow

by Devin Bloomfield

After winning their ninth consecutive national title, the Dazzlers went straight back to the dance floor to prepare for state. Tomorrow, state will be held in Indianapolis at New Castle High School.

Before 2009 Coach Todd Sharp left it up to the girls to decide if they wanted to go to state or not since nationals is extremely intense and exciting. Now, however, it is mandatory to go to state if they go to nationals.

“State is always a fun time for all of us girls to get closer together. It is a great team bonding experience,” said senior Jenna Wilbur.

This year the Dazzlers will perform their pom and hip-hop routines. Wilbur said she thinks they will do really well in both routines, especially their pom.

“We have won first in pom at every competition we have gone to this year, so hopefully we will at state, too,” said Wilbur.

Even though the Dazzlers were tired after nationals, they still came back motivated and ready to work hard to do well at state.

“We’ve had to keep our stamina up since we got back from nationals, but we haven’t had as many practices since we got home from nationals,” said freshman Courtney Crombie.

Crombie has high hopes of winning tomorrow despite the team’s previous experiences at the competition.

“Even though preparing for state is an extra month on our season, we all look forward to the experience and competition,” said Wilbur.

The Dazzlers won state in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2010 in the past 10 years, and they hope to add another year to that list tomorrow.