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Photo by Brock Kennedy

Story by J.D. McKay

There are not many sports where an athlete can go to state as a sophomore and not be noticed. Add to that the fact that she has two family members on the All-State Wall and it seems that somebody should pickup on the fact that she could likely follow her family’s footsteps and be the third member of her family on the on the Wall. However, sophomore Kylie McDonald seems to have slipped through the cracks. 

McDonald has been swimming since she was in first grade. After all that time, she has settled into swimming the 100-yard breaststroke, 200-yard individual medley, as well as relays. On Saturday at state at the IU Natatorium in Indianapolis, she will be swimming the 100 breaststroke and 400-yard freestyle relay. 

That was one of her main goals this year, to swim in state, but her swimming goals are bigger than that. 

“This year I wanted to just get to state in the 100 breaststroke. But my future goals are to make the finals at state, break FC’s 100 breastroke record, and swim in college,” said McDonald. 

McDonald works hard, but swimming is also something that is in her blood. As I mentioned earlier, her uncle, Brent McDonald, was all-state in 1996, winning the 100 butterfly and was the runner up in the 50 freestyle.

“Do I feel pressure? Yes and no. Coming from a family of swimmers does mean there is a little pressure to do well,” said McDonald. “But it also comes with a family that believes in you and gives you the best advice and race strategies.” 

Her family’s knowledge of swimming means that they can help her succeed in the mental aspect of the sport. 

“My parents and coaches being encouraging is part of what has led to my success,” said McDonald. “I was told to always have fun and never doubt that I can win.”

Part of having that swimmer blood in her means she is a natural competitor; in fact, it is one of her favorite parts of swimming. 

McDonald said, “Racing is my favorite part of swimming. I love being able to compete and race against the fastest girls in Indiana.”

Boys swimming performs at state

Rising expectations give girls’ tennis team high hopes

​By Rachel Lamb

Excitement filled FC’s girls tennis team last June when they brought home the title runner up in state. After accomplishing this, expectations started to rise for the upcoming season.

With conditioning already started and practice just around the corner, many  team members and their coach, James Markert, believe that going back to state again this year is possible.

“We definitely can make it back to state this year. Even though we lost a lot of experience and some of the best players to ever play tennis at FC last year,  we’ve still developed a program with some longevity,” said Markert.

Not only did the team lose some highly skilled players, but also four seniors.

Sophomore Callie Oaks shared her opinion on how losing the seniors is going to affect the team this year.

​”I think we depended on the upperclassmen too much last year and this year we need to learn to succeed without them.”

Even though this team is at a disadvantage with mostly underclassmen, there still are a few additions being made to the team.

“We’re adding a very talented exchange student, Giorgia Rossetto, who has already meshed wonderfully with the rest of the girls on the team,” said Markert.

Sophomore Emily Stock said having Rossetto is a sign of hope.

“We have a good team and especially now that we have Rossetto, I have faith that we can make it to state. ”

Another addition to the team are three freshmen that have been playing tennis since early middle school. The way that they have been preparing could lead the team to state.

“I have been playing with many of the girls for years and already have lots of experience with the coaches,” said freshman Madison Woosley.

Senior Dana Frank, who played on the number one doubles team last year, said that the team is ready.

“We’re on track for a spectacular season mainly because our team has a good deal of upside and all of us are working especially hard in areas that need heaps of improvement.”