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Spring orchestra concert marks the last performance at FC for senior strings

By Garland Noel

As orchestra director Doug Elmore raises his baton, the orchestra puts bow to string, waiting to start in on the first piece at last night’s spring concert.

“Those run throughs were some of the best we’ve had on those pieces,” said sophomore violinist Ben Carpenter.

Last night the auditorium played host to the last orchestra concert of the year. Featuring Pharrel Williams’ “Happy” and an arrangement of Bruno Mars’ Superbowl halftime show by senior Garrett Jones, the concert was not only the last orchestra concert of the year but was also the last performance at FC for many seniors.

“It’s so hard to be not cliche, “said senior trombonist Craig Bossely. “I’m absolutely positive that the second and third trombones, Zach (Rich) and Chris (Harbeson) will step up and I’m really confident that they’ll do fine.”

While some orchestra members are graduating, sophomore violinist Nathan Destefanis said he knows how the seniors feel, as he is also leaving the program. With so much change, some, like Carpenter, are worried about losing “a lot of amazing talent.” Most, however, echo Destefanis’ parting sentiment.

He said, “It’s a good concert to end on.”