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Handbell students take on New York City

Story by Destiny Love

A chorus of handbells ring through Central Park as the bustling sounds of the city are temporarily ignored for the enjoyment of the holiday music.

“This trip is going to be exciting, but also crazy. We have packed a lot of stuff in the span of three days for our multiple performances,” said senior Aaron Seay. 

All of the arts programs have their own trips that they take for performances. However, this trip for the handbells holds many new experiences for the group.

“We will leave Thursday, Thanksgiving morning early. We will arrive in New York City Thursday afternoon. On Friday we will be performing at Radio City Music Hall as a pre-show to the Radio City Rockettes,” said choir and handbells director Angela Hampton. 

Fifteen students will be attending the NYC trip with Hampton and assistant director Briston Hatchell for their performance. Many of the students have been in handbells for several years, but this performance could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. 

“I am most excited about getting to experience NYC for the first time with a great group of friends and playing with so many ringers,” said senior Delaney Agnew. “We are performing a bunch of the common Christmas songs like ‘Joy to the World,’ ‘We Wish You a Merry Christmas,’ ‘Deck the Halls,’ and ‘Jingle Bells.’

The trip to New York City will have many other new opportunities for the young musicians. 

“It will be a really great experience for us. Not only for being able to play there, but we will be playing with a lot of ringers from the New York area and beyond. We will also be conducted by one of our favorite conductors for handbells: Kevin McChesney, so the kids are really excited to meet him and play under his direction,” said Hampton.

A lot will be going on this Thanksgiving weekend in New York City, but the handbells group is ready to take on this new performance opportunity.

“The handbells have never gone to New York before. We travel every other year. Being there Thanksgiving weekend, that is a really big time in NYC with the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the shopping and just being New York. This is a really different opportunity,” said Hampton. 

This will not be the first time a music group from FC have performed in New York City, but it is another to add to the books with more planned in the future. 

“It is every musician’s dream to either say they have played in Radio City or Carnegie Hall,” said Hampton. “I think it is something they will be able to look on later in their life and say ‘I got to do that.’”

FC Theater rolls perfectly into Guys and Dolls

Photo by Presley Vanover

Story by Gracie Vanover

As the lights dim sophomore Syd Landrum slips out from behind the curtain in a magnificent blue dress. As she gracefully strolls down the stairs the other Hotbox Girls follow behind. 

FC Theater opened their run of Guys and Dolls on Nov. 8 and are running the show through Nov. 17. This classic theatre production is a hit for audiences of all ages with fun musical numbers and a great storyline. 

Our story takes place in New York with streets full of gamblers and their ever-so-lovely dolls. The number one thing on most these gamblers minds however is not their beautiful dolls. It is their favorite game: craps. 

Nathan Detroit, played by freshman Haakan Packwood, is out to have his craps game but is low on funds. He and his pals decide to bet the notorious Sky Masterson, played by senior Nick Landrum, that he cannot take the missionary Sarah Brown, played by Grace Platt, to Havana. Sky gratefully accepts the deal and the race is on. 

One of the best scenes in this production is the scene including the number “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat.” Junior Tre Gaines brings the character of Nicely Nicely Johnson to life in this scene with his charisma. Along with the vocals of Gaines, the scene is full of color from the array of costumes and backdrop. 

Another great number from this show is “Take Back Your Mink” performed by  Miss Adelaide, played by Caroline Siegrist, and the other Hotbox Girls. This number is a silly little number full of drama and the occasional whistle from a man in the background. The song is full of playful lyrics and at the end the girls scoop everything back up and say “Well, wouldn’t you?” With even little phrases like that it gives character, especially with the high pitched girly voices. 

In this show there are two sets of vocal combos that are absolutely stunning. Platt and Siegrist in the song “Marry the Man Today” have an amazing blend and tone quality. Their voice combination pulled an astounding reaction from the audience full of clapping and whistling. 

The other amazing vocal combination is Landrum and Platt. In the song, “I’ll Know” the two sing of when and how they will know they are in love. Platt’s unique voice style plays off of Landrum’s lower tone and creates a lovely mix. “I’ll Know” is definitely one of my favorites in the show along with the song “Sit Down, You’re Rockin’ the Boat” mentioned beforehand. 

Overall, FC Theater’s production of Guys and Dolls is one you do not want to miss. There are still shows this weekend. Tickets range depending on seating and the age of the ticket holder. For tickets and more information go to: http://www.floydcentraltheatre.org

Camp of Champs dribbles young players to success

by Amber Bartley

A loud buzzer sounds as coaches yell, a lone basketball bounces away and some determined and exhausted kids do five more push-ups. Continue reading Camp of Champs dribbles young players to success

Community gathers to commemorate classmate


By Natalie Allen and Amber Bartley

Silence fills the stands as students think about and pay a short tribute to a late classmate.

On May 31 of this year, 17-year-old Chase Brannon passed away. The FC community came together at the Columbus East game this past Friday, Sept. 26 to memorialize the tragic death of this young man.

“Well, I know Chase loved the Columbus East game and would be one of the main supporters standing in the front cheering on his friends. Remembering him for this game makes it seem like he’s not really gone, and in general Chase was looking forward to finishing senior year with a bang and making memories with all of his friends and family,” said senior Austen Jones.

Principal Janie Whaley also said that the tribute brought the class closer and that Brannon had a tremendous impact on fellow students.

“I thought it was good for the class to come together and honor him. It’s another chapter in his story and Chase touched a lot of people. He was not a kid that was just with one group only. For that reason, it really hit the school hard because he touched so many people,” said Whaley.

Students and faculty members expected and great turnout and with no surprise received it from combining homecoming and honoring Brannon.

“It was great to see this much support for someone who made such a difference in the lives of FC students,” said Jones.

Senior Chase Blakeman also had high hopes for an immense amount of people to show up.

“I feel like the students liked the idea of honoring him at this game. I saw it as a way to bring the school together in memorial of a good guy,” said Blakeman.

Students were also very pleased that the student body and administration created this game as a tribute to Brannon.

“I think the entire student body and everyone who knew Chase was thrilled that FC chose to honor Chase at the football game,” said senior Gabby Gibson.

Blakeman expressed how Brannon had touched a number of people with his personality.

“The significance of honoring Chase was honoring the awesome person he was, how he brightened people’s days with his sarcasm and witty jokes and the good times people shared with him,” said Blakeman.

However, honoring Brannon at the game was not the only way FC decided to revere him. Seniors Ben Banet and Collin Sharp proposed that the school should plant a tree in his memory.

“Me and Ben Banet went into Mrs. Whaley’s office on the last day of school and talked to her about it,” said Sharp.

Business teacher Chris Street noticed the way students gathered together to get through a tough time when a fellow classmate passes.

“It’s confusing for a teenager to deal with the loss of someone. For some people, this is the first time that they have lost a classmate or a close friend or a relative in some cases. For the students, I think it’s a way for them to feel that contribution, but they’re doing a lot of things besides the t-shirts. For every t-shirt we sell, a donation is going to go to his scholarship fund. We’re also taking donations for a plaque to put with a tree that we’re going to plant outside. These are all student ideas,” said Street.

Street added that the students and faculty are looking for good outcomes to a saddening situation.

“They want to be sure that he is remembered. Out of tragedy, you learn to try to find something positive and try to do something positive out of it. All around, we’re seeing kids rise up and do good things in light of a negative situation,” said Street.

Overall, students, faculty members and administrators are truly commemorating Brannon, respecting and remembering him in anyway possible.

“When you lose someone special, especially so young, it seems impossible to find a gesture that is significant enough to honor them. Chase was such an awesome person. Remembering him is something we will do for the rest of our lives. Little pieces of the past will remind us of Chase, always smiling and laughing, and his legacy will stay alive through memories of all the good times,” said Gibson.