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How to be a morning person

by Alli Kling and Bailey Warren

*Editor’s note: This online connection goes with “Freshmen adjust to early school schedule,” which can be read in the August 12 issue of the Bagpiper or online through the August 12 PDFs.

  • Go to bed earlier 

-Studies have suggested that going to bed earlier and getting more rest improves one’s mood and overall health. Continue reading How to be a morning person

Students battle with sleep deprivation

By Rachel Lamb

Dozing off in class is one of the many effects of sleep deprivation for teenagers. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teens need about nine and one fourth hours of sleep each night. However, studies show that only 15 percent sleep for eight and a half on school nights.

Most students at FC that struggle with lack of sleep do not function as well as those who have regular sleep patterns.

“I only get five to six hours of sleep on an average school night,” said junior Ansley Barnes.

Barnes added that little amount of sleep she gets, is a result of how much homework she receives.  This contributes to whether she pays attention in class or not.

Some students, such as sophomore Nathan Clark, do not feel quite as  affected as others. Clark is able to get around eight hours of rest,  which is quite the improvement compared to Barnes’s  five to six.

“The way I feel and function through the school day is affected in a positive way because I’m most sleep deprived during the weekend, not during the week,” said Clark.

Teachers can often tell who is getting the recommended hours of sleep,  just by observing their behavior during class.  Chemistry teacher Jennifer Gohmann notices many people dozing off during class.

“Their energy levels are lower and they have a harder time focusing,” said Gohmann.

She agreed that weekends are the time to catch up on sleep.  Gohmann also added that when she was in high school she suffered from lack of sleep.

“When I was a student I always felt deprived of sleep and had a lack of concentration,” said Gohmann.