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Senior week offers fun times for graduating class

By Rachel Lamb

With roughly one month of high school left, seniors were congratulated through senior week. This gave the graduating class a week break from school lunch and invited them to the gym for music, catered food, and fun.

“My favorite part of senior week is only sitting around seniors at lunch. It is nothing like in the school cafeteria,” said senior Claire Watkins.

Other seniors, such as Katrina Klingsmith, favor it due to convenience of the food.

“It is nice to sleep in and not have to worry about packing my lunch in the morning, since I normally bring it everyday.”

Even though there are still many celebratory events left, senior week can be an emotional time.

“I feel the end is coming. I’m going to miss all of my friends so much,” said senior Alec Chait.

He added that this time of year is very stressful and senoritis is slowly beginning to sneak in.

Senior Shaw Ray has a different opinion on how senior week makes him feel.

“This event gives me a hint that we’re almost done with high school, but not to give up yet, we’re not completely done.”

Ray also shared that he thinks seniors are offered a big opportunity.

“It’s a good way to be able to talk to other seniors about your plans for after high school, since you do not really get to see your classmates as much as you think.”

Another senior, Timon Stermer, agreed with Ray.

“I rarely see my classmates during the school day. Senior week is probably one of the few occasions that I see a lot of them at once.”

Many seniors feel that this point in the year is a good time to slow down and focus on the present.

“I’m enjoying what is left of the year and I want to spend the time we have left making memories that I’ll never forgot,” said Klingsmith.


Upcoming events arouse excitement in the Senior Class

By Delaney Smith and Rachel Lamb

As the school year is starting to come to a close, annual events for seniors are coming up quickly. Some upcoming events are:

May 1- Senior Class Day 8:30 a.m. : Day in which seniors are honored with awards, not including scholarships. “My favorite senior event is senior day, because we get to dress up,” said senior Alex Kennedy.

May 12-16 Senior Week : Week of events for seniors, such as Baccalaureate and Senior Class Night. Special lunches from outside venders are also brought in. “Senior Week is my favorite week of the year, since I don’t have to eat the school food,” said senior Ashley Apple.

May 12- Baccalaureate 7 p.m. : An end of the year ceremony that honors seniors. “We have have the choir perform and an inspirational speaker that gives them a look back and a look forward into the future. It can be emotional, since it is the last time they are together, except graduation,” said principal Janie Whaley.

May  14- Senior Class Night 7 p.m. : Night in which seniors are honored with scholarships. ” I am enlisted in the marines and not going to college right away, so this event will not affect me as much as others,” said senior Alyson Gill.

May 17- Prom 7 p.m. : School dance for juniors and seniors only. “I am most looking forward to prom considering it is my senior year,” said senior Scott Schuchardt.

June 8- Graduation Commencement Ceremony 2 p.m. : Ceremony where graduates are given diplomas, class president and faculty speak. “Saying goodbye to all the friends that I have made over the years is going to be tough,” said senior Timon Stermer.