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Theatre director Robbie Steiner hits local media with his #COVIDCarols

Interview by Gracie Vanover

Theatre director Robbie Steiner started recording himself singing one song a day during quarantine. However, he never expected it to hit local news outlets like the News and Tribune. After reading these articles I wanted to hear from Steiner what started his idea for these videos. Steiner uploads a new song every day so be sure to check them out. To find his YouTube channel and videos just type “Robbie Steiner” in the search bar.

Bagpiper: “What inspired you to start COVID Carols?”

Robbie Steiner: “As I began adjusting to life in quarantine, I thought it would be a good time to add some things into my daily routine that I enjoy but usually don’t have time to do. I love singing and have been wanting to have a more consistent routine to exercise and develop my voice, so I decided to record a song every day until I no longer have to social distance. I came up with the hashtag #covidcarols and started posting them because I thought it would be a nice way to share some joy during this difficult time.”

BP: “How have you used this as a coping mechanism?”

RB: “Singing releases endorphins, just like exercise, so I’ve always found that it helps me relieve stress. Plus, it is helpful to get out of my own head and see the world through someone else’s eyes for a few minutes. I found when the Coronavirus started impacting our area that I was listening to the news constantly and not sleeping well. Singing has helped me channel my emotions into a character, which allows me to process my anxiety.”

BP: “What is your overall goal when making one of these videos?’

RB: “On a personal level, I approach each song with the goal to perform it to the best of my ability.  I’m about to take a leave of absence from my job at FC next year so that I can focus on developing myself as a performer, so I’m trying to use this as a training ground for myself. I try to look at each song both through a vocal and an acting lens so that it gives me the chance to practice both as a vocalist and as an actor. On an external level, I hope that the pieces provide others with a combination of an escape and a chance to process what’s going on at this time.”

BP: “Did you expect these videos to become a local hit?”

RB: “I never imagined these videos to take off like they have. I’ve been blown away by how many people have made them part of their daily routine. It has been very moving for me; I am very humbled by the support and I’m also thrilled that the art I’m creating means something to others and is helping to bring comfort and routine during this crazy time.” 

BP: “What is something you want all the people watching your videos to know [whether it be about you or what is happening in the world]?”

RB: “Dark as this time is, there is a beautiful silver lining in that we have a new opportunity to be creative in ways that we have never been before as a species. I encourage everyone to find inventive ways to express themselves and to bring the arts into their quarantine. I love seeing the many ways people are using performance art to cope and how so many artists and arts organizations are being so generous by sharing their work while people are social distancing. While we have to make and consume art in new ways in order to keep ourselves safe at this time, there’s no doubt that art is necessary for humans to survive and thrive.”

Steiner’s latest upload:

Curtain opens on upcoming theatre season

by Emma Anderson and Jenny North

The sweaty and exhausted actors anxiously await callbacks after a long weekend of audition preparation. Off stage, students nervously anticipate their dance audition. Groups of six walk on stage to perform the routine previously engrained in their minds at the dance workshop three days before. It is time to leave it all on the stage.

This year the stage opens up with two new shows, Moon Over Buffalo and 42nd Street.

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‘[Title of Show]’ set to take Studio One stage tonight

By Connor Lopp

The theatre department’s next show is to hit Studio One today, Friday, Jan. 23, with the performance of the show “[Title of Show].”

“It is a musical about people writing a musical about writing a musical. It’s like inception,” said director Robbie Steiner. “It is the product of what they have been writing and it’s showing them writing it.”

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Theatre director sets goals for next year

By Isaac Mathewson

As the lights of this year dim down, theatre director Robbie Steiner reflects on his fourth year at FC and his second year as director.

Steiner said that he has improved greatly since last year.

“I have a much better idea how to plan things out than I did last year.”

The one aspect Steiner will miss the most about this year is the departing seniors.

“Many of these seniors have been in this program since my first year here. I’ve seen them grow throughout their years of high school. It will be hard for me to see them go.”

As the year ends, Steiner has begun making plans for next year.

First, he has seen a great increase on people joining the program since last year, especially in his tech class, which only had a mere eight joining this year.

Steiner said that not a whole lot will change in next year’s curriculum, apart from developing practical hands-on experience for techs and giving more emphasis on musical theatre.

There is no news yet on what plays will be performed next year, but Steiner said that there will be many family favorites, which might possibly include Annie.

Steiner has several goals that he wishes to set next year. For one, he hopes to improve himself by balancing his own life with his work on the program.

“This is a really stressful, albeit fun, job. I want to be able to serve this program well while still trying to support my own needs.”

Another goal he wishes to set is to provide more opportunities for actors and techs.

“I want to cultivate student leadership, not just for the seniors, but for lowerclassmen also.”

Although there are many aspects that Steiner will miss about this year, he still has a positive outlook for next year and for the years that will follow.