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Track team competes despite rain

By Lexi Burch

Columnist proposes dreary Spring Break movie solutions

By Christian DiMartino

Hopefully, just hopefully, Spring Break will be nice and fun, but hopefully not too much fun if you know what I mean. But the weather has been dreadful lately, and what is there left to do on such long, miserable days? Watch a movie. Or two. Or three. Maybe five will do. Here are five movies guaranteed to make your rainy day a better one.

5. Die Hard (1988) – Nobody knows about being trapped in a boring building for a day better than NY cop John McLane (Bruce Willis). But try being stuck in a building with a group of German terrorists taking hostages. Die Hard is basically a guy playing cat-and-mouse with a lunatic for two hours. But those two hours are quite an adventure. The presence of Willis and Alan Rickman (the bad guy) is key.

4. Airplane (1980) – Airplane is a comedy that simply never grows up, and that is what is awesome about it. Even with repeated viewings, it always remains consistently entertaining and hilarious. So why should a rainy day be an exception? It is dumb, possibly the dumbest movie of all. But it is guaranteed to slap a smile.

3. Back to the Future (1985) – This is the epitome of a rainy day movie. Back to the Future will be entertaining whether it is on an airplane, in a house, or in a Delorean, It is a smart, fun, and sort of creepy (the main character’s mom falls in love with him). But it is funny in the way that it is creepy. All it takes is a Huey Lewis song, and the mood to watch this movie will suddenly increase.

2. Titanic (1997) – Rainy days feel like the longest days. So it seems like the perfect time to commit to James Cameron’s big, romantic, three hour disaster epic. It is amazing how this film still has such an influence on us today. Cameron went on to make Avatar 12 years later, but that is not this movie. Titanic is groundbreaking for its time. It is big, it is adventurous, and it will and has left people talking for years. Titanic, we will never let go.

1. Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) – Imagine the adventure that can happen on a sunny day. Well, it is supposed to be a rainy day, so that option is out. But instead, join Indiana Jones on his first and best adventure, which is arguably the best adventure of all. Raiders of the Lost Ark is the definition of adventure, and since this is a list of rainy day movies, no adventure will entertain more than this one. It is a sure thing.