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Prom coverage from Saturday, May 11


Kaden Breger and Riley Woodruff win Prom King and Queen Saturday night


Juniors, seniors enjoy 2018 prom

Photos by Sophia Perigo, Grace Allen, Meg Edwards, and Brooke Miller

Junior Executive Committee prepares for prom tomorrow night

By Hannah Clere and Charlie Eback

Tomorrow, FC juniors and seniors will be filing into the downtown Louisville Marriott dressed in their most fancy attire. Music will be blaring and students will have a night of relaxation and socializing.

“I think it’s a big coming of the school altogether regardless of what’s going on in school and everyone is there to have a good time,” said Tux Tuxworth, Junior Class vice president of the and member of the Junior Executive Committee.

However, before prom can become a big hit, a lot of work has to be put into it. First, where funding comes from must be figured out.

“Prom is funded a lot by Turkey Bowl and we also have a budget from the school as well,” said Tuxworth.

The funds are handled by those in charge of putting the evening together. The Junior Executive Committee, with 15 members, spends the year working towards that.

“I am the teacher sponsor of the Junior Executive committee, and Junior Executive Committee is in charge of prom. So, I guess when it comes down to it, I’m responsible that they do their job and we have a prom,” said English teacher Tim Romig.

After receiving funds, the prom itself has to be planned out, no details escaping reach.

“We had to get a venue first off, and then once we had a venue, we had to pick a theme, we had to get food, we had to get decorations, we had to get gifts for the seniors and juniors, we had to put together a list of people who were going, so we had to make sure they registered, we had to find out a place to put the registration tables, we had to design how we want to decorate everything. It’s definitely a lot of work, but it’s fun. I love it,” said Junior Class President Jacob Rosenbaum.

The venue is a very important detail closely examined. Administration gives dates that the event can take place without interfering with other schools’ proms and end of the year events. The venue also must for the needs of the celebration.

“We do a lot of touring and as a committee; we find a lot of places where we’d like to go and then we present our final options to the administration and then they pick. We look for things like what has the most room and what venue is going to provide the most for us, then the administration looks at the security of the place and the date,” said Tuxworth.

The entire Junior Executive Committee helps prepare prom throughout the year. A lot goes into putting it together, but the intent of having a good time is not forgotten to the busy committee members.

“This will be my first prom experience as a planner and as a guest. Planning prom with Junior Exec. has been fun so I can’t even imagine what prom night will be like,” said junior Emrie Ipsan.

The experience of the planners themselves has been new for some and old hat for others, though still exciting to be a part of. Treasurer of the Junior Executive Committee Molly Isaacs has previous experience with both prom and school involvement.

“I’ve been to other proms and I’ve always been involved in school government. This year just included prom,” she said.

The behind the scenes work is a vital part of Saturday’s evening of dancing and fun. The outcome, however, is what it’s all about.

“This is the last time some of these people might see some of these people, honestly. And for juniors I think it’s kind of a rite of passage to get to your senior year because that’s a big deal, kind of usher the seniors out and bring in the new senior class,” said Romig.

The consensus on the purpose of prom seems to be that it is a night of celebration as a portion of the FC family move into the real world.

“Prom is having fun with the entire upper class. We get to enjoy a night for ourselves and be all together,” said Ipsan.

The Junior Executive Committee assures that this Saturday will be a day to remember.

“Prom is going to be awesome this year. It’s going to be really fun. We put a lot of work into it and all of our work is going to pay off,” said Rosenbaum.

Tomorrow’s prom will be from 7-11 p.m. at the Marriott in downtown Louisville. After prom will be hosted at FC from 11 p.m.-3 a.m.