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‘Nunsense’ premieres Sept. 18

By Christian DiMartino and Connor Lopp

With school being back in session for a month now, the Theatre Department has started to prepare to perform their first show of the year,  Nunsense.

“’Nunsense’ is about a group of crazy, unique nuns who have to put on a fundraiser show to raise money to bury sisters that were poisoned by stew,” said sophomore Morgan Prentiss. “Not many people have heard of the show, but it’s wonderful.”

The show starts running on Thursday, Sept. 18 and goes through Sunday, Sept. 21.

“They started rehearsing the first day of school and we casted in May,” said theatre director Robbie Steiner.

The play has been performed at FC before, but it first premiered off broadway in 1985.

“FC performed ‘Nunsense’ about five years ago, I knew several girls in it and I came to see it most of the nights,” said senior Anna Nungester.

The characters add character to the story as well.

“My favorite part is when Sister Mary Amnesia interacts with the audience, and that interaction is just fun,” said Steiner. “It’s a lot of fun to see.”

The cast has high expectations for the upcoming show.

“’Nunsense’ is going to be so much fun and entertaining,” said senior Bethany Smith. “We have a great cast, and we are looking forward to performances.”

One challenge for this play’s cast is the double casting.

“Some of the roles are double cast so it takes a little while to go back and forth with both casts,” said Steiner.

“Nunsense” draws people to the theatre to come and see the first play of the season.

“I would consider it a hidden gem in theatre,” said Prentiss.