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New year’s resolutions drop with the ball

By Eleni Pappas

The click of the ball falling is lost as the crowd counts down to New Year. The glow of thousands of lights shine over the gathered crowd. The time reads 11:59 and three seconds remain on the countdown. People shout, “Three, two, one, Happy New Year!” Noisemakers and confetti poppers go off as cheers erupt from the celebration at Times Square, New York on T.V.  and from the millions watching that are enthusiastically concluding how they’re to redefine themselves for the new year. Continue reading New year’s resolutions drop with the ball

Students motivated to stick with New Year’s resolutions

By Skylar Neafus

Creating a New Year’s resolution is a right of passage for some people into the New Year. Whether it is to lose weight, get better grades, or give up a bad habit, resolutions are made with the intention to stick to them and to make a change, but sometimes they fall to the wayside. Continue reading Students motivated to stick with New Year’s resolutions

Students share New Year’s goals

By Blake Dykes

With every new year come new resolutions. Every resolution is made with the intent on staying loyal to it and really making a change. However, it is usually a lot harder to make these changes because they have become a habit or part of our everyday lives.

Some students decided to become a healthier person by changing their eating and drinking habits.

“I am giving up soft drinks for a year because they make me feel bad and they are bad for me, especially because I used to drink them all the time,” said junior Taylor Batliner.

Batliner plans to pursue this goal by having her parents stop buying them, drinking water, and avoiding them.

Along with Batliner, sophomore Brandon Smith plans to improve his diet by eating healthier.

“I have decided I’m going to start making smarter food choices, to make me a healthier adult in the future.”

This resolution differs for Smith because purely because this is the first one he is actually made.

For others, health is still the main aspect in their resolution, only a different branch of it, social health.

Sophomore Logan Minzenberger plans to make friends and meet more people.

“I plan to be more outgoing and go out and introduce myself, this way I can experience different people’s lifestyle.”

Another common theme this year, falls into the category of organization.

“I plan to start being on time places. I am always late everywhere I go, even to school,” said sophomore Collin Reschar.

Reschar decided to make this change because he gets in trouble a lot by always being late.

“I am going to start checking up on the time more and leaving earlier.”

Others have a habit they decided they need to break.

“This year I really need to stop hoarding trash. Mostly like empty bottles or trash from food,” said freshman Lindsay Sparrow.

However, this is not the first time Sparrow has attempted to make this change.

“I have had this resolution for several repeating years, I just can’t stop myself. But this year I am saying no with an iron fist. When I am done using something I am going to fight the urge to keep it and just throw it away. I know that it is becoming a problem because my room is actually starting to smell from all of the collective amount of garbage.”

English teacher Jessica Broady shared her thoughts on new year’s resolutions.

“New year’s is a good time to make resolutions because it’s good to stop and see what path we’re on and if we want to continue on that path.”