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Hoosier launches their showcase album

By Rachel Nguyen


Lead singer: Zayne Hutchison

Drummer: Andrew Olson

Bass player: Jake Vanover

Guitar player: Michael Whitis

Guitar player: Jeremy Mullins

When: Jan. 31, 8-10 p.m.

Where: Wick’s Pizza in New Albany

Cost: $10 ticket

The regional music scene has recently blown up in the Southern Indiana area. The locally well-known band, Hoosier, has been developing its unique and distinctive sound for the past few years.

Preparing to showcase their debut album at their release party on Jan. 31, the band has developed a strong fan base of supporters.

Junior  Zayne Hutchison, lead singer of Hoosier, enthused his excitement when he said, “This is the first album we’ve released and we’ve put a lot of hard work into it. I’m expecting the release party to be packed. I’m going to hype it up every way I can with social media and word of mouth. I’m going to make sure everyone in Southern Indiana knows what’s going on the 31st of January. It’s going to be a night to remember.”

The band has been preparing for a lively and passionate show and encourages fans from all spectrums to come to their release party with an open mind.


Soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/hoosier-2/find-a-way

New school offers new opportunities

By Lexi Burch

Being a new student can be quite overwhelming. It is like starting freshman year all over again, something no one wants to endure more than once.  Meeting new people can be frightening and roaming around unrecognizable halls can make your head spin, but for myself, coming to Floyd Central meant something very different.

I have attended New Albany-based schools since Kindergarten, first Mt. Tabor, then Hazelwood, then NA. Starting new was the main reason I made the decision to come to FC. I wanted to meet new people and start school with a clean slate. The decision to leave NA was hard but the fact that I was moving to the county rival school made it even harder. “What would my friends think? What would my new peers think of me?” All these questions filled my head, but I had to go.

A summer and two weeks in and I could not be happier. My friends I already knew and the people I have met are amazing and the differences between the schools are definitely noticable. I would of never thought moving to a school that shares the same corporation would be so different. FC offers more of an open campus. You can roam the halls during lunch and in the morning, unlike NA where you are confined to the lunch rooms and certain halls in the morning. At NA teachers are more laid back, as at FC. Here, the teachers are
far more strict and make sure you work from bell to bell. There is far less clutter in the halls and sharing a locker is sort of fun. FC is a spectacular school and not many people notice until they are put into a situation like my own.
I am already so excited for this school year. I cannot wait to share unforgettable memories with my new friends and peers. All that worrying was for nothing at all.
FC welcomed me with opened arms and I could not be more thankful. This year will be the best, sharing my new year and new school with my new FC family.

NJROTC returns to Pekin to aid tornado victims

By Jessica McNally

This Wednesday, April 11, FC and Lanesville NJROTC teamed up with New Albany NJROTC to help clean the debris out of two more fields in Pekin. Farmers around the area need help to clean debris out of their fields in order for them to be able to plant their crops.

These farmers are some of many that were affected by the EF4 tornado that came through on March 2. Cadets lined up, stretched across the field and searched for debris, including: roof tiles, photographs, jewelry, fiberglass, branches and more.

Senior Marissa Samons, the cadet company commander of FC and Lanesville NJROTC, led her company, and NA senior Brandon Reardon, the cadet company commander of NA NJROTC, led his company in their march through the fields.

“The trip was very successful because we accomplished what we went there to do. People needed our help and we were there for them. They appreciated what we did to help them,” said Samons.

FC falls to rival New Albany 58-57 in overtime