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Curtain opens on upcoming theatre season

by Emma Anderson and Jenny North

The sweaty and exhausted actors anxiously await callbacks after a long weekend of audition preparation. Off stage, students nervously anticipate their dance audition. Groups of six walk on stage to perform the routine previously engrained in their minds at the dance workshop three days before. It is time to leave it all on the stage.

This year the stage opens up with two new shows, Moon Over Buffalo and 42nd Street.

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Students enjoy After Prom activities

By Megan Johnson, Rachel Lamb, Melanie Parrish and Delaney Smith

Prom court 2014 celebrates crowning

Photos by Delaney Smith and Megan Johnson

Groups arrive for Prom 2014

By Delaney Smith, Megan Johnson, and Melanie Parrish

Orchestra members prepare for state qualifiers this Saturday

By Megan Johnson

Twenty-five years. For some people, it is an amount of time that can fly by. To others, it feels almost as if it is an eternity. However, to the orchestra students, 25 years marks a significant anniversary for the art that they love.

On Saturday, the orchestra will be headed to state qualifiers for the 25th time in a row.  Several of the orchestra members are elated to be a part of  this event , including junior Garrett Metz.

“I’m very excited because my dad was a cello player who was involved in going to state for the first time,” said Metz.

Other members, however, claim to be feeling a sense of nervousness, such as junior Layne Hartman .

“We are competing with seven other schools, but nerves always come with performing,” he said.

However, members like sophomore Shannon O’Brien feel nerves take away from the experience.

“Being nervous doesn’t help anyone; I try and stay calm and encourage others to do the same,” said O’Brien.

Several classical numbers will be played, including “Danzon” by Antonio Marquez, “Pas de Deux” by Tchaikovsky  and the first movement of Dvorak’s 8th symphony.

Hartman shared that orchestra is not all fun and games; it requires a lot of work.

“Being in orchestra requires a time commitment, but it really requires effort. We must play the correct notes together and play them with style. We have to make beautiful music, and that isn’t easy,” he said.

Metz explained that orchestra has not only taught him the art of working together with others, but how to manage his time around his activity. Metz also shared an interesting fact that of which orchestra inspires.

“You use a completely different part of your brain to create music. Plus, you’re not only working by yourself, you’re working with 60 other people,” said Metz.

O’Brien summed up her orchestra experience in one simple sentence.

“It takes patience, persistence and lots of sass.”