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Theatre graduates share their plans for the future

By Isaac Mathewson
At one point, she was a student like any other. She was an actress and was in A Cappella.
Now FC graduate, Marina Hart, who gave a great performance as the lead in Thoroughly Modern Millie, is out of high school and currently in her second semester at Indiana University Southeast.
She continues to be a part of theatre at her school and is planning on majoring in journalism. She also plans on studying dance and music.
Hart continues to look positively at the future, “It is my belief that if you have a passion for anything, you will go far in whatever you do.”
Hart is not the only person who looks optimistically at the future.
Fellow graduate Cain Mathewson, who was also in A Cappella and gave a fantastic performance in Ashes two years ago, is also attending IUS and he plans on duel majoring in Zoology and Music.
“I’ve had a passion for these my whole life and I want to be able to say that I am a good musician and knowledgeable about animals.”
Mathewson is also working on his first novel entitled “Gone and Good Riddance,” a controversial book that he believes will be a critical and commercial hit. He also hopes to audition for movies and be a screenwriter too.
Both of these students said they look at the future with great optimism and that they know that although it will be a lot of hard work, it will be very rewarding in the end.