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Madrigal dinner continues theatre tradition

By Isaac Mathewson

 Even though FC Theatre will not have another play until March with Annie, there is still more to expect from it.

Saturday Dec.7, FC theatre director Robbie Steiner hosted the Madrigal Dinner, a special event that goes back a long time. “This is mostly a fun event that brings FC theatre together for the holidays,” he said.

The dinner took place in the FC auditorium on the stage where there was a four course dinner, music, skits and a set that was recycled from Les Mis. This year it was a castle that was designed by senior Kota Earnhardt and FC graduate Evan Wise. The set was just barely finished by the time of the dinner.

The dinner was originally scheduled to take place 7:00 p.m. on Friday Dec.6 and Saturday Dec.7. However, the unexpected snow day  caused it to be postponed to 2:00 the next day, marking the first time that a show had to be postponed since Seussical two years ago.

There were three skits that were being played during the dinner. They were all of the same play called Marriage of the Married Maidens. Most of the older actors performed in these skits, while many of the younger actors worked as servers.

Everything seemed to go well for Mr.Steiner despite the stress. “This is a fun event that has been around for years and it usually goes pretty well,” he said.

 Madrigal took place on Dec. 7 at 2:00 and 7:00 p.m.

Theater department hosts annual Madrigal Dinner

By: Bailey Hussung

Choral and theater departments put on annual Madrigal dinner

Theater’s annual ‘Madrigal’ dinner this weekend

By Alyssa Book, Lauren Holstner, and Cody Repine

As December approaches, many theater students are prepare for the dinner that brings a Christmas spirit to the FC community. On Dec. 2 and 3, the theater department will showcase an event filled with food, acting, singing, and family bonding.

The event, called “Madrigal,” is a yearly spectacle that is held by the FC theater department for anyone who wants to come and join in on the fun.

At this dinner,families get to enjoy a five-course catered meal while enjoying the talented theater department’s holiday skits.

Not only is Madrigal a unique experience for the community, it is also an enjoyable experience for the thespians themselves.

Senior Erika Mohler said, “Madrigal is the first official thing everyone in the theater department gets to be a part of, so it’s a bonding experience. Everyone is an equal that night, no one is competing over leads.”

Junior Cherish Curry, who is a part of technical theater, said setting up for the dinner takes three to four hours of preparation. Technical theater also enjoys this show because it is easier to set up than other main stage productions. Curry particularly likes the artistic freedom they get while setting up Madrigal.

This experience bonds theater students and gives them a chance to do what they love while serving and entertaining their community and families.

Junior Laura Duncan explained how performing at the dinner is enjoyable because it’s lighthearted and low key.

The dinner is this Friday and Saturday at 7 p.m. Check back Friday night for photos from the show!