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IPads introduce new ways of classroom learning

by Garland Noel

Latin teacher Lesley Austin gives her Latin II a common formative assessment on My Big Campus for the current lesson. Instead of heading to the computer lab, however, the students use their IPads, allowing her assess students more quickly.

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Teachers strengthen bond through similar interests

By Rebecca Eberhardt

Bagpiper: How did you first meet?

Lesley and Wallace Austin coach the speech team during the practice on Jan. 31. Photo by Katie Bowling.

Lesley Austin: We met at school. We spent a lot of time together working. We went out because of Match.com. He sent something to me and it was ironic because I did not know he was interested in me like that. He had asked me to the movies before but I did not realize it was in that context and we ended up missing the movie due to snow days.
Wallace Austin: Here at school. She had some questions about the school, classes, and things. Then I asked her to help me coach the speech team because she had a theater background and we developed a friendship and our relationship went from there.

BP: What was it like being proposed to at Thunder over Louisville?
Lesley Austin: We were at the Bat’s Stadium and I was freezing outside because they were running behind. We were on the handicap ramp to the stadium and he got down on one knee and asked me to be his wife.
Wallace Austin: I thought under the fireworks of Thunder over Louisville would be an appropriate place to pop the question. I wanted it to be someplace special and thought of Thunder over Louisville and we can always go back to Thunder and remember.

BP: What was the wedding like?
Lesley Austin: It was beautiful. It was at my dad’s church. It was mainly for me and my family because Wally does not have that much family.

English teachers Lesley and Wallace Austin pose for photos at their wedding in Terre Haute, Indiana.

Wallace Austin: She wanted to get married in her hometown of Terre Haute, where most of her family is and since I do not have a lot of family in the area that was fine with me. I was given some good advice; do
BP: What is your favorite memory you have of spending time with your spouse?
Lesley Austin: The time we spent on our honeymoon just being together. I remember before I met him, feeling real lonely but now it is a lot better.
Wallace Austin: I do not think it is one thing in particular. The one thing I love about her is that she’s such an honest, genuine, caring person and when I got her in my life, I knew I couldn’t let her go.

BP: What is it like working with your spouse?
Lesley Austin: It is not bad. We teach some of the same classes, so it helps with planning. We also coach speech team together.
Wallace Austin: It is fun. We get to see each other a lot more. There are times when work and home seem to blend together but we’re very open and honest so we resolve to them quickly. It can add stress to a relationship but we resolve it. We collaborate with our work since we teach the same grade level.

BP: What advice do you have for students in relationships right now who are preparing for Valentine’s Day?
Lesley Austin: It is not the price of the gift or a gift at all. It is just having that person.
Wallace Austin: Do not take it too seriously, have fun with it. Do not feel like you have to spend a lot of money. A handwritten poem and a flower are better than a big box of chocolates and perfume in my point of view. It is about letting that person know how you feel about them and thanking them for being in your life.