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NJROTC returns to Pekin to aid tornado victims

By Jessica McNally

This Wednesday, April 11, FC and Lanesville NJROTC teamed up with New Albany NJROTC to help clean the debris out of two more fields in Pekin. Farmers around the area need help to clean debris out of their fields in order for them to be able to plant their crops.

These farmers are some of many that were affected by the EF4 tornado that came through on March 2. Cadets lined up, stretched across the field and searched for debris, including: roof tiles, photographs, jewelry, fiberglass, branches and more.

Senior Marissa Samons, the cadet company commander of FC and Lanesville NJROTC, led her company, and NA senior Brandon Reardon, the cadet company commander of NA NJROTC, led his company in their march through the fields.

“The trip was very successful because we accomplished what we went there to do. People needed our help and we were there for them. They appreciated what we did to help them,” said Samons.

The Lanesville Heritage Festival will kick off the fall season this weekend

By Bekah Landers and Claire Defrancisci

The sound of roaring tractor engines and the sight of whirling fair rides sends one into a flurry of crisp fall memories. This is the Lanesville Heritage Festival.

“I’ve never been there but I’m going this year because the rides sound really fun and I heard that you can milk a goat. That sounds really exciting,” said sophomore Garrett Glass.

The festival offers a wide variety of things to do this year such as helicopter rides on Saturday and Sunday, tractor pulls, the traditional hot air balloon glow, and the main parade on Saturday at 1 p.m. featuring FC’s NJORTC.

“I’m thrilled to be in the parade this year,” said sophomore ROTC member Alessa Farnsley. “We practice after school and warm up before the parade and then we march and represent FC.”

The Lanesville Heritage Festival also offers plenty of camping spaces.

“I’ve been camping there for four years now and it has been really fun,” said sophomore Gunner Turner. He added that he and his cousin go four-wheeling during the day and then ride the rides in the evening.

The rides at the festival are a popular attraction that some teenagers look forward to the most.

“My favorite ride is the ferris wheel that goes upside down and spins around; I ride it every time,” said Turner

“I really like all the rides,” said sophomore Caroline Wiseman. “I could eat an entire thing of nachos and then go and ride the hamster wheel and not be sick.”

The festival is a chance for teens to hang out with their friends, try new foods, check out interesting booths, and ride their preferred rides.

“My favorite memory was the night that I went with my friends, and we all just hung out and had a good time together,” said freshman Zach Robinson.

The festival has something for almost every age. Rides and games for small children, agricultural exhibits and booths with all sorts of different products for adults, and more mature rides for teenagers.

“The little kids hang out with their families, but the older kids tend to go off and do their own thing,” said Robinson.

The festival is located on the Heritage grounds behind Lanesville High School at the west end of town. There will be a shuttle that runs from the high school to the Heritage grounds as well. There will be a tractor and truck pull that runs tonight and Sunday afternoon. The spectator fee is $7. The Hot Air Balloon Glow will be held tonight at 9 p.m. and the main parade is at 1 p.m. tomorrow afternoon.

The three-day festival will be held today, tomorrow, and Sunday with free admission and free parking.

Be sure to check out this article later this weekend for photos of the fun.