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FC plays New Albany Friday in continuation of historic rivalry

Photo by Kate Zuverink

Story by J.D. McKay

Every year FC and New Albany play each other about three weeks into the season, then again to end one of the team’s season. These games make for some exciting basketball. However, the best game to go to is the regular season game. The crowds are packed into smaller gyms and avoiding the hour drive to Seymour gets lots of students at the games. 

If you have read my previews in the past, you will notice a common theme in all of them. New Albany head coach Jim Shannon will find a way to stop our best player. But, since Cobie Barnes and Romeo Langford have graduated, it is a completely new game compared to the last few years. 

First, as I said above, Shannon will find a way to limit junior Jake Heidbreder. If Heidbreder can outplay whatever they have in store for him, things will go our way. If he can drop 15 points, I almost guarantee a win because of how low scoring these games usually are.

The next key to win comes from sophomore Cole Harritt. Harritt has a silky jumper and can light it up from three. He dropped 23 last week against Castle, and most of those points came from threes. He is 12 for 25 from three (48 percent) so far this year. In our closest game, against Christian Academy, he did not shoot well. I think if he lights it up again, we should be able to win.

The last key we need is for a third scorer to step up. Freshman Caleb Washington has played well so far this year, especially on the offensive glass. If he can get a few offensive boards and putbacks, he could be that guy. It could also be senior Grant Gohmann. Gohmann is pretty good at getting the ball in the hoop, but has a struggled at times this year. If he is able to hit a few shots, he could give the Dogs some trouble.

A few other things to note- New Albany will be without senior Julien Hunter, who is out with a stress reaction in his foot. Senior Trey Hourigan is returning for the Dogs after being suspended for two games. New Albany sophomore guard Tucker Biven can score; he dropped 32 last week in Shannon’s 400th win at New Albany. The Dogs also lost 68-43 two weeks ago to Bloomington South, that was their worst loss in several years. The Highlanders are giving up 46 points per game compared to the Bulldogs 56. New Albany is 1-1 and FC is 5-0. Both teams have played Evansville Harrison. We won 67-47, they won 68-45. 

Bottom Line- Both of these teams have lost quite a bit of talent over the past couple years. However, they also both have some young talent that can score. But, without Julien Hunter, I think the Dogs lose a big part of their offense and will rely on Biven. If our defense, which is notoriously strong, can limit Biven and get one or two guys going besides Heidbreder, New Albany will not have an answer. Final Score- FC 53 NA 51

The New Albany-Floyd Central game is finally here, and it will be the rowdiest game in the state, so do not miss it.



Basketball beat Castle 66-62 Friday night

By Kate Zuverink

Highlanders finish season 14-40 against Bloomington South

Highlanders beat Jeff 31-7 at sectionals on Nov. 8

Bedford football rivalry has grown recently

Photo by Kate Zuverink

Story by J.D. McKay

When thinking of FC’s biggest rivals, New Albany, Providence, and Jeffersonville all come to mind. Those are the three closest schools to FC and our three biggest rivals for all sports. Now, looking more specifically at football, New Albany is definitely our biggest rival. Even though it is pretty one sided with my class, never losing to the Dogs and only having one close game, playing for that Anchor has been my favorite part of plying high school football so far. However, there has been another football rivalry brewing.  

The game that has not been declared a rivalry yet, but should be, is the game against Bedford North Lawrence. BNL is typically a solid team in the conference and is very well coached by Steve Weber. They typically have a pretty big and good offensive line and like to pound their options game behind it. One of the guys I have really liked playing against on their o-line was number 66, Cale Bunch. He was probably the best o-lineman I played against in the HHC. That kind of football is hard to stop, so even when BNL is not the better team, they will keep it close.

The game is becoming a rivalry because it is almost always a close game. I have played in five Bedford games. Only one was more than a two-score game, and the 2017 game was won on a touchdown with under one minute left. This year, we have a seven-point win, and a 14-point win, and the regular season game last year ended with two coaches ejected, and a six-point loss. My class ended 3-2 vs the Stars. 

Now that I have explained why this is developing into a rivalry, I will give some future suggestions to make it more significant. A trophy would make this a bigger deal, and I have some ideas. Bedford is considered the Limestone Capital of the World, so a small limestone slab as the trophy would be pretty cool. Some other trophy ideas that are pretty common but not bad are bells, or a bucket or barrel. 

Our school also needs to view this as a bigger game. This has been one fo the closest game over the past couple years. But I think since we typically beat Bedford pretty easily in other sports, students assume it will go the same way in football. Hopefully in the next couple of years, students will view this game as a rivalry and an exciting game. 

This rivalry will never be the same as New Albany. Bedford is much farther than New Albany, and not really a rival in any other sport. However, for the fans that only go to one game a year, the closest and often most exciting game is Bedford. It is a budding rivalry between two pretty good programs. It is about time to start treating it that way.