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AP art students work on end of year projects

By Peter Hyle

Each year in May, AP students are required to take their end-of-the- year exams in order to receive college credit for the course. While most AP classes have some form of test to prove their knowledge, one AP course offered at FC focuses on pure talent. Rather than looking at a score on a test, AP art students are graded on their artistic ability alone.

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Freshman artist gains inspiration from family

By Peter Hyle

Freshman Julia Bays stares at a blank sheet of paper as her mind searches for something to draw. Starting out slowly, she sketches the picture in her mind. With art being such a big part of her from an early age, a life without her talent seems unimaginable.

“I started drawing ever since I picked up a pencil; it just came naturally to me,” said Bays.

With a family full of talented artists, it is hard not to pick up an interest for art. Gaining all kinds of encouragement and inspiration, Bays’s family plays a crucial role in her own artwork.

“I give her a lot of advice and tips,” said Bays’s older sister, sophomore Olivia Bays. “I like to raise the bar and challenge her with all of her art.”

Despite the support she receives from her entire family, there is only one person who is credited for her initial spark in art.

“My dad is an artist and he is my idol. He really inspires me and makes me want to be as good as him one day,” said Bays.

In the past, Bays’ artwork has helped create new friendships, and even strengthened existing ones.

“I really like how she can take a lot of different artist’s styles and use them in her own, unique way,” said sophomore Dakota Arnold.

Not only with friends, but family as well.

“She encourages me with my artwork, too,” said Olivia, “We collaborate a lot and share some ideas and styles.”

Because art is so important to her, the strong arts department at FC mean a lot to her.

“I really enjoy the art program, because at my old middle school, we didn’t even have one,” said Bays. “There’s so much to do here with my art.”

In the future, Bays plans on taking advantage of the classes offered.

“I’m only in Intro to Art right now, but I hope to take drawing and painting classes for the rest of my years here,” said Bays.

Not only does she have plans to use her talent in high school, but she hopes to use it in the years following.

“I think it would be amazing to draw for children’s books, or short animations,” said Bays.

Bays’s passion for drawing is evident in every picture she creates. Whether she’s sketching something out in class, or at home working on every last detail, her artwork plays a huge role in her life.

“Drawing helps me express myself,” said Bays. “It’s my life.”