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Ten Minutes Or Less: The Final Episode of the Year

By Patrick Prifogle & JT Samart

Hello and welcome to the last episode of “Ten Minutes Or Less” with JT. It will be hard to go, but we will be back. We will have a new host and new content to ramble about. This episode we say good-bye to JT and discuss the future. Below you will find two podcasts. One will be the normal  “Ten Minutes Or Less” and the other will be JT”s going away podcast. Thank you to everyone who has listened over our short time together and please revel in the sound of our voices.

Click here to listen to the very tenth podcast:

Click here to listen to JT’s good-bye podcast:


Ten Minutes Or Less: Post Prom, The Sims 4, How I Met Your Mother and other ramblings

By Patrick Prifogle and Jt Samart

Hello people, I love you very much, this week we have a lot to talk about and only ten minutes and thirty seconds to get it all in. So take a seat, pop in your headphones and enjoy our wondrous voices. We will weave a tale of dancing, the greatness of Gatsby and the final season of a beloved television series, enjoy.


Click below to listen to Patrick and Jt’s very ninth podcast

Ten Minutes or Less On the Road: Prom, After Prom and everything in between

By JT Samart Patrick Prifogle

Hello and welcome Ten Minutes or Less On the Road, our new segment. We are coming to you directly from prom, at the Seelbach Hotel. This is a less formal podcast, we have several interviews for you, including  junior Jade Dailey, senior Claire Faith and junior Dee Hacker. We hope you enjoy the prom atmosphere, please join us for some great personalities and as always, our beautiful voices.

Click below to listen to the various segments of the very first episode of Ten Minutes or Less On the Road

Ten Minutes Or Less: Iron Man 3 review, Pre-Prom talk and other ramblings

Greetings everyone and welcome to FC’s most awesome podcast. Today Patrick Prifogle is sick and can not attend the recording of our podcast. Instead we have Christian DiMartino, our resident movie expert. We talk about Iron Man 3 and give a little teaser of prom. So please enjoy the glorious sound of our voices.

Click here to listen to JT and Patrick’s very eighth podcast.

Ten Minutes Or Less: G.I. Joe, International Picnic, Ironman 3, and more ramblings

By Patrick Prifogle and JT Samart

Hello and welcome to Ten Minutes Or Less, today we have no guest, we tried, deal with it. We talk about Ironman 3, we discuss the Batman Origins controversy  and other things. We hope you enjoy our beautiful voices, and if not get over yourself.

Click here to hear our very seventh podcast!