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Column: Spring sports hope to build on successful year

By JD McKay

Our winter sports season ended sadly on Saturday after losing to New Albany 51-45 at Seymour for the sectional championship. But the boys’ basketball team had an incredible year, beating Jeffersonville twice, going one and one against New Albany, and winning the Hoosier Hills Conference outright.

Basketball was not our only success, though. Senior wrestler Tristan Sellmer finished fourth in state, girls’ swimming just beat Jeff to win their sectional, and the boys’ swim team thumped everyone in their section on their way to their sectional championship. They also had seven swimmers qualify for state. The Dazzlers had a successful nationals, finishing third and fifth overall, which some viewed as a disappointment, but as Dazzler coach Todd Sharp said before the senior Dazzlers’ last performance, many schools would love to finish as high as the Dazzlers did.

After such a successful winter season, our school pride should not stop. Boys’ and girls’ track, boys’ golf, girls’ tennis, and softball all won sectionals last year, and the one sport that didn’t win a sectional, baseball, was sectional runner-up, and we should see success again this year.

Our school showed amazing support to our boys’ basketball team. It was incredible to be apart of and something we need to carry on. Getting rowdy at these games isn’t as easy as it is to get rowdy after an Evan Nichols dunk, but supporting our classmates and friends should get us involved. Plus, watching some of the best sports teams in Southern Indiana should be reason enough.

This entire school year has been historic for our school. With only one quarter left, I see no reason why it should be any less memorable, so do not miss out on the history and success that we might never see again while we are in school.  

Column: FC set to beat Jeff at Seymour this Friday

By JD McKay

This basketball team has been one of the best in Floyd Central history, comparable to the Pat Graham-led team from 1989. Both teams had a star player, both teams had solid second and third players, and both teams had a villian. Then, it was Damon Bailey. Now it is Romeo Langford.

However, to get to play Langford, we need to beat an athletic Jeffersonville team. When I watched Jeff play earlier this year I was impressed by their athleticism, but aside from senior Bailey Falkenstein, unimpressed by how they scored the ball. I could see that being their achilles heel.

We have scorers. Junior Cobie Barnes and senior Luke Gohmann can light it up from outside or get to the rack and finish tough shots. Senior Brendon Hobson can drive to the hole as well, and with his length, finish tough layups.

Bottom Line- Jeff played us tough this year, and I expect it will be close again, the outcome should not change. The Highlanders can simply score better, and if senior Gabe Shireman finally hits his stride or Gohmann heats up, I am not picking against Floyd.

Score- FC 62 Jeff 56

Column: Highlanders can win conference outright tonight at home vs Columbus East

By JD McKay

This is my third time previewing a sports game against Columbus East, but this is the first where I think losing would be a disappointment, not expected. Honestly, this game should not be very close. The only reason I am previewing it is because if we win, we win the Hoosier Hills Conference outright.

This game should resemble the two of the past three games (Bloomington North and Brownstown) in how we play. Lots of points, solid defense, and many rebounds. So if we continue the play from the past few games, we should win. The main factors have been rebounding, senior Luke Gohmann and Cobie Barnes, and the one other player that steps up.

Rebounding has been our best stat through the entire season, mainly because of our height. Four of our starting five players are six feet five inches tall or taller, which makes rebounding easier.

Gohmann and Barnes have been the best players on our team throughout this year. Their stats are nearly identical, leading the team in points. They have both shot well from outside the three-point line during the season as well as gotten a lot of rebounds and finished around the basket. As long as they play well the game should never be in question.

Last, the past few blowouts we have had one other player set-up in the first quarter offensively. Typically, senior Brendon Hobson has been that man, but some nights it is senior Matt Weimer or senior Evan Nichols. If one player can grab the moment to start the game and get Gohmann and Barnes going, the game will definitely be a blowout.

Bottom Line- Tonight we should win conference outright for the first time since 1986, and probably by a lot. The Highlanders are 8-1 in games with a common opponent compared to East’s 4-5. This game should not be a nail biter and will be a great way for our senior class to play their last home game. Hopefully, the win will carry over to March second, then third, when we would play Jeffersonville, then New Albany in sectionals. Final Score- Highlanders 68 Olympians 37.



Column: How to fix Allstar games

By JD McKay

The NBA All-Star game is Sunday, which is a joke just like the NFL Pro Bowl and the other two major U.S. sport All-Star games (baseball, football, hockey), but other than Russell Westbrook none of the players really care. Which in turn makes me, the fan, not care either. But after watching the NFL Pro-Bowl about three weeks ago, I know that something needs to change.

The NHL All-Star game is a toughy. The NHL is the most violent sport already, so an exhibition game is not worth the risk to players. However, to make things more interesting, in 2016, the NHL made their game a four-team tournament, using their four divisions as teams and playing three-on-three rather than the typical six-on-six. They also have been using a skills challenge since 1990. The idea of the skills challenge is for players to show off their athletic abilities in events like speed skating, shot power, and shot accuracy. I like what the NHL has done to their All-Star game, and it is just too dangerous to get players out on the ice hitting for no reason in an exhibition.

The NFL Pro-Bowl is the worst. The players do not care at all, and the NFL is not really doing anything. Football obviously has a higher risk of injury than all of these except hockey, but the NFL can do different things to make the game more enjoyable for fans. One change has been made. Last year, the NFL added a skills challenge packed with dodgeball, an obstacle course, and best catches. But more can be done. If the players do not want to play a full pads game, they can go for a game of seven-on-seven football. The idea of seven-on-seven is all passing with only seven players per team, no lineman except for a center to snap the ball. The NFL could do a six team seven-on-seven tournament. The fans would vote in the players; then a middle linebacker and quarterback would be paired together. They would then draft their team.

The NBA game is all about the player attitudes. They do not care. Basketball can still be dangerous, but compared to football or hockey, it is much safer. If the players would be willing to play harder, it would be interesting. However, the players will not care until they have a real reason, a green reason. The NBA could promise bonuses to the players of the winning team, giving the players a reason to play to win.

Lastly, the MLB is one of the most watchable games. It is a typical baseball game, but pitchers pitch for two innings, tops. They could stay as it is, or to make this a little for interesting, pick four celebrities to pick teams with players voted on by fans. The team would play a three-inning game, tournament style. The other change the MLB should make is a true skills challenge, they have a home run derby, but they do not have a legit skills challenge like the other sports. They could do an outfielder’s accuracy and far throw contest, a pitch speed contest, and stick with the homerun derby.

Those sports all need to make a change. Baseball’s change is relatively small, and hockey’s may just be too dangerous, but football and basketball need to change. Hopefully, they will, but I am not really expecting it.

Column: Support the U.S.A in the Winter Olympics

By JD McKay

The coldest, fastest, and most exciting version of the Olympics are starting Thursday. South Korea will be hosting their first winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, and I plan on supporting my country.

America dominates the the summer Olympics, but the winter Olympics are another story. We have stiff competition in several of the sports because of the high latitude countries. The main countries that compete with us are typically Scandinavian countries and Russia.

My favorite events are the speed races and big air jumps, like luge, snowboard cross, bobsled, ski jumping, and speed skating. However, my mom likes the slower less death-defying (unless the Iron Lotus is performed) figure skating.

The event I am most intrigued by is men’s ice hockey. The NHL has declined to let the players compete in the Olympics, which I think is dumb, but I get the reason. They run the league to make money, not to lose money. So if you recall, 1980 the Olympics were hosted in Lake Placid, New York. The amateur American team took on the U.S.S.R team made up mainly of pro-players, which was illegal in the Olympics up until 1992. The amateur U.S.A. team upset the Soviets in the midst of the Cold War, a real life Rocky vs. Ivan Drago game, and possibly the greatest sports moment in American history.  Obviously, this is not the same. We aren’t two countries, battling it out with words, threats, and hatred towards our communist rivals. I am hoping for another miracle on ice, and our first gold medal since 1980. However, based on our past results, a good goal would be finishing in the top 3.

In 2014, we finished fourth in the overall medal count but had the second most medals. Hopefully this year we will avenge our loss and beat the Russians. I encourage you to support our support our country and be sure to tune in.

Do you believe in miracles?