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Column: Romeo Langford should go to Indiana

By JD McKay

After having Southern Indiana in the palm of Romeo Langford’s hand for the last three years, all eyes will be on him for one last night on the court that could one day bear his name. Being a Hoosier, I am hoping he goes to Indiana, but the other two schools he is looking at, Vanderbilt and Kansas, both have their upsides.

The Case for Indiana

The reason for Langford to go to Indiana is simple. He would go to IU to stay in state, and possibly become one of the most loved athletes in Indiana.

The reason to not go is almost as simple, 16-15 overall, 1-2 vs rivals, and no postseason.

The Case for Kansas

Kansas is the most consistent team he is looking at. They have not had a losing season since 1983, and have won the regular season conference championship every year since 2004. Plus, Kansas seems to consistently go deep into the NCAA tournament and has a top 5 recruiting class.

The only reason to not go it because it is far from home, and playing that far from where he played high school seems wrong.

The Case for Vandy

Vandy is the best academic school on this list. If Langford wants to stay for four years, Vandy is the best choice. Vandy also has two five-star recruits.

Vandy was worse than Indiana last season, finishing with a record of 12-20. Plus, they have never had a one-and-done player.

Langford’s announcement is scheduled for April 30, at 7 p.m.

Column: How to fix the NBA Playoffs

By JD McKay

The NBA playoffs started last Saturday, April 14, and will not end until the first week of June. As a reference, in that time period the New York Yankees will have played just over a quarter of their games. Plus, we all have a pretty good idea of what is coming. Warriors vs Cavs part IX.

That predictability is the reason I will not be tuning in until Game 7 of the NBA Finals. The NBA needs to take a page out of the NCAA’s March Madness when it comes to people being interested. That tournament is the only time of year when non-sports fans and sports fans come together to see if the Cinderellas can do the impossible or tune in to see if a 16 seed can beat the 1 seed.

The NBA does not need to go to one-game playoffs, but four best-of-seven series is too much. They should start the first round with a best-of-three series. That could give the underdogs a chance to beat the super teams they have to play in the first round. Then go to a five-game series, followed by the seven-game conference finals and seven-game NBA Finals.

While we are talking about the playoffs, I thought I would tell you what is going to happen. I think the Eastern Conference Finals will see the Milwaukee Bucks losing to the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the West will have the Oklahoma City Thunder losing to the Golden State Warriors.

The Finals will be less interesting than last year. The Warriors will sweep the Cavs, and a few weeks later Lebron James will join the snake Kevin Durant and the Warriors.

Just kidding.


Column: Rival athletes unite for common goal in Guatemala

By JD McKay

Two weeks ago I was given the opportunity to do something that will stick with me for the rest of my life. I went to San Raymundo, Guatemala over spring break with 160 other high school students to try to change the eternal and earthly life of a family in need.

The experience was life changing. Fifteen other students, five adults, and I built a house for a family in need of a safe, dry, comfortable place to call home. The trip gave me the opportunity to see things I could never see here in Southern Indiana. I saw extreme poverty; toilets that could not flush toilet paper; and Highlanders, Bulldogs, Red Devils, Dragons, Shamrocks, Lions, Warriors, and Pirates working together to do something bigger than themselves.

The unity I saw on my trip was incredible. My build team was made up of me, a FC football player; Matheo Urrego, a New Albany soccer player; and Jake Lemon, a Silver Creek football player, as well as other students and student athletes from assorted schools. For the time we spent together serving the family and trying to show them Jesus in what we did, we also forgot about our differences. At home I might not have wanted to work with a soccer player from New Albany, but in Guatemala I took it as a chance to do something different and challenge myself to work with other people I may not have known.

Aside from working with people I may never have gotten the opportunity to meet, I was also able to play with Guatemalan kids and adults.

One funny story happened with a 23-year-old named Bryan. We had been playing soccer the previous day and I, the goalie, got hit in the face trying to stop a goal. The next day, Bryan saw me at the house the next day, laughed, pointed, and acted like he was going to smack his face with his palm as if to say, “You were the kid that got hit with the soccer ball yesterday.”

Going to Guatemala was an incredible opportunity that I believe all students should have the chance to experience. It gave students chance to meet and impact the lives of other people from another country, and was an opportunity to serve others with students from other schools.

Urrego said, “Once we are all ready to go to Guatemala, all of our differences stay in Southern Indiana. Rivalries don’t matter any more. We all become a big family and unite to work for the good of a family. We want to make a family’s life better.”

Column: The Yankees will win World Series

By JD McKay

The 162-game marathon is on and being a Yankees fan, I am excited to see The Giancarlos Stanton and Aaron Judge Show dominate baseball. But, as it is for most Americans, my excitement will wear down and I will be looking forward to the playoffs and All-Star break. So while excitement is still up for the season, I will tell you what will happen.

I expect some typical performances from teams. The Reds will finish last in their division, the Nationals will choke in the playoffs, and the Dodgers will find some other pitcher to go with Clayton Kershaw and have the best staff in baseball.

Now, for a few bold predictions. The Minnesota Twins will play in the ALCS. They had a surprisingly good season last year, and I expect them to build on their success. The Reds will lose 95 games, but Joey Votto will win NL MVP. He is one of the best hitters I will ever see. He consistently hits 320 and gets on base 45 percent of the time. Lastly, Shohei Ohtani will be overhyped and after the season be viewed as a bust. He is a rookie who has played in Japan for five years and finally took his talents to the MLB, but the MLB is not the Nippon Pro Baseball League, so it will take more than just one year to adjust to the MLB.

On to playoff predictions. The wildcard games will see the Red Sox beating the Blue Jays, and the Cardinals beating the Mets.

The Divisional Series will have the Yankees beating the Red Sox. Twins beating the Astros. Cubs beating the Cardinals and the Dodgers beating the Nationals.

The NLCS will have the Cubs playing the Dodgers for the second straight year, but with different results. The Cubs will beat the Dodgers to go to the World Series again.

The ALCS will have the Yankees playing the Twins and just like last year’s American League wildcard game, the Yankees will need to come back from a deficit but will end up winning the series.

The World Series will see two opposite teams playing each other. One team that has won 27 World Series and is hated by most Americans, pitted against The Lovable Losers, who won their third World Series over 100 years after their second championship. However, I will be one of the few people in Southern Indiana excited about the outcome of the series, as the Yankees will take World Series number 28 in Wrigley, almost 220 days since the Opening Day.

Column: March Madness begins today

By JD McKay and Adam Hynes

After an eternity of NBA garbage and no football, we have finally made it to one of the best and most exciting months of sports. March. When any true sports fan hears that magical word, they think of madness and picture a bracket filled with Cinderella stories, basketball powerhouses like Duke or Kansas and on April 2, a champion.

This basketball season has been ridiculous. There were zero teams with an undefeated record in 2017, and two teams ranked in the Top 10 half way through the season, and both ended as bubble teams. So, we will do our best to describe to you how to fill out the perfect NCAA tournament bracket. We will predict the Final Four and National Championship, as well as one team we expect to advance deep into March that is worse than a six seed.

JD: In the South Bracket [top left], I’m picking Virginia. Picking against the number one overall seed is not easy, especially when they can play from behind and in close game. Ask any U of L fan. Plus, their defense is remarkable, holding teams to 53 points per game is incredible, especially in a conference that produced nine tournament teams.

Adam: I have Virginia coming out of the South, beating out Arizona in the Elite Eight. With Tony Bennett’s suffocating defense, I do not think there is a team in their section of the bracket who can beat out the Cavaliers.

JD: In the West [bottom left], I like Michigan. The reason, one word: momentum.

Adam: In the West, I think Michigan will make it through to the Final Four. They will beat out North Carolina in a thriller in the Sweet Sixteen and easily beat Ohio State to reach their eighth Final Four appearance.

JD: In the East [top right], I see Purdue advancing to the Final Four. Mainly because the East is pathetic. Aside from Villanova, there are no really teams I see in the Final Four.

Adam: In the East, Villanova will have an easy run to the Final Four, with their only real challenge being two-seed Purdue. There is not much talent in the East region, unless West Virginia is able to make some noise against Villanova in the Sweet Sixteen.

JD: The Midwest [bottom right], is by far the toughest bracket, but Michigan State could come out of that bracket and push to the Final Four. They performed well to start the season, but have died down since then. Maybe the break they got from losing the Big Ten Tournament early will get them back to how they played earlier this season.

Adam: The Midwest will be a tough call. With underrated Michigan State, top-seeded Kansas, and a hot duo in Grayson Allen and Marvin Bagley at Duke, it is hard to predict who will make it out. I have Duke beating out Kansas to go to the Final Four, as long as they keep playing at the level they are.

JD: The Cinderella team I like is Missouri. They have one of the best players in the country in Michael Porter, Jr., but he was out the whole season until the SEC tournament, where you could see the lack of team chemistry. The week they will have between the SEC tournament and NCAA tournament should develop that chemistry and propel them deep into March.

Adam: My Cinderella team is nine seed Florida State. The Seminoles have stayed consistent all season, and got a win over North Carolina earlier in the season. They have no bad losses, and will end up making a run past Xavier to the Sweet Sixteen before losing to Ohio State.

JD: My Final Four consists of three Big Ten teams and Virginia. The National Championship will see Purdue playing Michigan, but once again I like the Wolverines over the Boilermakers, because of momentum.

Adam: Virginia will beat Michigan in the Final Four in a blowout, and stop the Wolverines from going to the championship game. Duke will beat Villanova in overtime and advance. The championship game will be close, but the Marvin Bagley factor will come into play, with Virginia not having any real big guys down low. Duke wins 62-56.