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Q & A With Radio/TV teacher Jake Minton

Q. What is your previous Radio/TV experience?

A. “I went to Western Kentucky for television. It was my second year that I got into radio, and I found out it was all personality. Television is more structured, more rigid and less personality. I found that radio fit my personality better because I don’t take myself very seriously. I found out very quickly that radio was my path so I haven’t done anything with television since college.

I worked at a ESPN radio station in Bowling Green. That was my first job. It was 23 hours of syndication, one hour of live radio, and a 60- minute sports talk radio show. I loved it that way. Then, I moved home and quickly found out that there is not a lot of talk radio in the city and what is available is fully staffed. So, I just put feelers out to every radio station in the city, and I got a call from WDJX. I was hired on super part time and slowly climbed my way up the ladder. I, for the past five and a half years, have been the promotion director for the station.

The past three¬†years, I have been the night show host, seven to midnight on weekdays. I was with DJX for eight years. I always thought about teaching. Then, this job came along and it was perfect; I jumped at the chance.”

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