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Boys’ basketball set to play Jeff Friday night

Photo by Grace Allen

Story by J.D. McKay

It is a great time to be a Highlander. Our boys’ basketball team is ranked third in the state. Last Saturday, junior Lindsey Dorsch hit a three at the buzzer as our girls’ beat New Albany. That three kept FC undefeated against New Albany this year. This Friday, our boys’ basketball team is playing Jeffersonville on the road and trying to stay unbeaten in conference.

We need to do three things to beat the Devils. We need to get senior Cobie Barnes rolling in the beginning, have fewer turnovers than Jeff, and limit Tre Coleman from scoring 12 points.

Our last couple of games, our offense has struggled a bit. However, just when it looks like our opponents may pull away, Barnes steps up and hits several big shots to retake momentum. I could see that happening again Friday. Barnes has also been our leading scorer this year, so if Jeff shuts him down our offense may struggle.

This one is obvious, but if we have fewer turnovers, we will win. Last Friday, New Albany lost to Jeff and had one more turnover than Jeff. Almost every basketball game winner has fewer turnovers than the losers, and this will be no different.

Lastly, we need to limit Coleman from scoring. He is Jeff’s best scorer and if we slow him down the game would probably be low scoring again. When we played New Albany, we only let Julian Hunter score five points, Coleman is similar to Hunter and if he has a low scoring game like Hunter did it should not be very close.

Bottom Line: FC has had a terrific season and is one of the best teams in Indiana. Jeff is coming off a big win against New Albany and seems to have some momentum, but Barnes is too good to let their momentum carry over into a W versus the third best team in the state. I expect FC to win in a game similar to the New Albany game-low scoring, but about mid-way through the fourth quarter we will pull away to a 10-point win. Final Score: 56-46


Expected starting 5

Floyd Central Jeffersonville
Nick Wenchell Darin Starks
Levi Siewert Jaylen Fairman
Jake Heidbreder Markez Jordan
Cobie Barnes Jacob Jones
Cam Sturgeon Tre Coleman

NJROTC visits senior citizens

By Aurora Robinson

On Tuesday night, NJROTC went out to Riverview and Mark Elrod Towers to visit senior citizens and spread the Christmas spirit.

One of the cadets from NJROTC shared the events that occurred that evening and why they go out and carry out this community service act.

“We do this every year. We go and we visit the retirement homes and show everyone that is in the retirement homes that, you know, people haven’t forgotten about them and we spend the holidays with them and let them realize that … there are other people out there that do care,” said senior Jenna Nicholas.

When the cadets went out to spend time with the elderly, they helped them with Christmas activities and with the treats they were serving that evening.

“Basically we get the kids to go in there and help them play bingo, get some cookies, serve some drinks, and then do some caroling, but mainly interact with the older folks,” said naval science instructor Michael Beal.

This community service opportunity lead by the NJROTC program gathered many of the cadets to come out and spend time with the senior citizens for several different reasons.

“I chose to come because I like doing stuff like this. It makes me feel better as a person. I also like spending time with older people because they have a lot of stories to tell and they have a lot of insight on things,” said sophomore Jackie Copple.

Some of the NJROTC participants remembered a few of the senior citizens from previous visits. Particularly, there was a friendly older lady at Riverview Towers who was very excited to see them and interact with them again.

“She is a feisty lady who loves to interact with the cadets and she just gives hugs and wants to dance with them. I look forward to that probably more each year than anything else,” said Beal.

As the students were gathered in Galena for their own Christmas get together with treats and hot chocolate, some of them shared who they were able to meet and chat to.

“Tonight, I was sitting near two Vietnam Marine Corps veterans. One was a woman, the other was a man. Which it’s pretty rare to find a female Marine from that timeframe. So, it was pretty awesome to get to sit down and talk with her and just learn how much the Marine Corps  has progressed with women so far,” said senior Jack Gill.

As the cadets were socializing and sharing their experiences, some were also sharing their favorite moments from their evening spent with the older folks.

“A lot of the senior citizens were really appreciative of us coming out and stuff. It made me happy to see them all smiling and everything. It was really nice,” said senior Raye Perry.

As the NJROTC program wrapped up their holiday celebration, some gave advice for those who have families during the holiday season.

“Just give,” said Beal. “Give and you will get back an enormous amount, especially during the holidays. If you have elderly parents, make sure you visit with them, make sure you touch them, make sure you kiss them and hug them because that is all they want for Christmas.”

New Albany win shows Sturgeon’s coaching talent

Photo by Grace Allen

Story by J.D. McKay

Last Friday, our boys’ basketball team beat New Albany 44-37. It was the first time FC beat the Bulldogs at New Albany since 1998 and ended their 41-game home streak. It was also the third most exciting basketball game I have ever been to. The only two games more exciting were against New Albany but had a future NBA player playing. After going to five New Albany games, I realized several things.

Hiring Todd Sturgeon to be FC’s basketball coach in 2014 was a great decision. He took a team that had only had six winning seasons since the mid-90s and made them a serious sectional contender almost immediately. If New Albany had not had Romeo Langford last season, he would probably already have his first sectional championship at FC as well as FC’s first basketball sectional championship since 1989. FC is going to be the favorite this year in sectionals and if he wins the Hoosier Hills Conference for the second straight year he may become the best coach in the Hoosier Hills Conference.

When Sturgeon became head coach and started winning, our students took notice. Now, the Kilt Krew is almost always full during basketball games. But not only has the student section been full, the rest of the gym has been filling up since the 2015 season. Any FC basketball game now has some excitement surrounding it.

The last thing I noticed was the general interest in the New Albany game. Before FC beat New Albany at home last year, it had been 20 years since FC beat New Albany. The gym typically was not full and if it was it was not because of the FC students and fans. On Friday, there were 400 students in FC’s student sectional for a road game. Plus, the rest of the gym was packed. There was a buzz in the air at the game, as if expecting something crazy to happen. The buzz made the game exciting and one of the best basketball games I have ever been to.

After FC beat New Albany, New Albany head coach Jim Shannon told the Courier Journal, “It’s their Super Bowl because they never beat us. They are celebrating like they won it all and I don’t blame them. They don’t win very often. Check the history, and when they do they’re pretty excited.”

FC 2-1 in the last three games against New Albany.

See you in March, Mr. Shannon.

Boys’ basketball beats New Albany 44-37 Friday night

By Grace Allen

Q&A with senior guard members

Photo by Kate Zuverink

Story by Gracie Vanover

Senior Emily Ford

  1. How long have you been in guard?

I have been in guard since 8th grade. I joined the winter season of 2014.

  1. What was your first marching band show? Winter show?

My first marching band show was Hexagon in 2015. My first winter show was Turning Tables (2014).

  1. What is your favorite thing to toss?

My favorite thing to toss is rifle.

  1. What’s your favorite guard memory?

There are so many memories I’ve made with this team it’s hard to just pick one. But if I had to choose just at least one, it would be back in Hidden (2016) when a couple of the guard members had to push really heavy and big props. This was the first day we had gotten the props and they were really hard to push. So our coach, Charles, was really trying to help us push them, but we were pushing them too slow and Mr. Yankey got mad at us. Then Charles yelled, “We are not Hercules” very loud and aggressively to Mr. Yankey. After that, I accidentally hit Charles with my prop.

  1. How does it feel knowing this is your last FC winter show?

Knowing this is my last FC winter show makes me really sad and upset, but I know that at my last performance I will walk off of that floor accomplished.


Senior Camryn Schneidau

  1. How long have you been in guard?

I’ve been in guard for four seasons now (seven seasons of marching band and winter guard), and I’ve loved almost every bit of it.

  1. What was your first marching band show? Winter show?

My first marching band show was Hidden (2016) and my first winter guard show was Through the Trees (2016).

  1. What is your favorite thing to toss?

My favorite piece of equipment is flag because I feel more connected to the audience when I spin a beautiful silk.

  1. What’s your favorite guard memory?

There are so many memories, it’s so hard to choose just one, but going to WGI last year is one I will never forget.   

  1. How does it feel knowing this is your last FC winter show?

I am very sad that this is my last show as an FCEG member but I’m excited for the future of this program and I hope that we all give this season all we’ve got because I know that we can do great things together.


Senior Ashley Wilder

  1. How long have you been in guard?

I have been in guard eight seasons going on nine.

  1. What was your first marching band show? Winter show?

My first marching band show was Hexagon (2015) and my first winter show was Turning Tables (2014).

  1. What is your favorite thing to toss?

I love to toss rifle and saber.

  1. What’s your favorite guard memory?

I honestly can’t pick a favorite memory.

  1. How does it feel knowing this is your last FC winter show?

It’s bittersweet. I’m very sad to leave this incredible program but I am also excited to see what the future holds for the Floyd Central Emerald Guard.