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Lost in the Archive – Football

FC beats New Albany 49-47 in overtime last night












Highlanders face Columbus East tonight for sectional championship

By JD McKay

Tonight the Highlanders will attempt to redeem themselves after a 55-7 loss earlier this season against the Columbus East Olympians. Entering this sectional championship game, FC has won four straight since being thumped by East, including two straight wins over rival New Albany.

While losing by 48 points sounds bad, players and coaches believe there were some positive points in the game.

Senior fullback and linebacker Zach Rodgers said that the Highlanders played defense well at the beginning of the game, forcing two fourth downs against East on their first two drives.

Tonight, FC will change the approach used last time they played East.

“We’ll blitz a little bit more, we’ll be a little more aggressive and not sit back. We’ll try to dictate what their offense does, not let them do that to us, and change our coverages a little bit,” said assistant coach Alan Hess.

Two main improvements are needed to win this week: stopping East’s senior running back Jamon Hogan, and moving the ball on offense.

In their last bout, Hogan had 163 yards and two touchdowns to power East’s offense.

Hess said FC needs to tackle Hogan better to beat East.

The Highlanders double tight-end formation was successful in the second half, and that could be key to a Highlander win tonight.

“We need to run the ball down their throat, and get yardage every play, and get first downs,” said senior running back and defensive end Jason Cundiff.

According to Hess, tonight’s keys to success are “maintaining our gaps, playing with incredible passion, and pursue like wild banshees.”

Bottom Line- This incredibly talented East team will make winning Floyd’s third sectional, and second under head coach Brian Glesing, incredibly difficult. However, because of senior leaders, and players that believe they can win, this might be the team to finally beat the seemly invincible Hoosier Hills Conference powerhouse.  

Heat arises on Highlander turf Saturday afternoon against Bulldogs

By Ashton Beck

Managers hand out water bottles to all of the football players to help them stay hydrated.  Photo by Alaina King
Managers hand out water bottles to all of the football players to help them stay hydrated.
Photo by Alaina King

Due to the storm Friday night, the varsity football game against Male High School was rescheduled to 11 a.m. Saturday. Sweat fell down people’s foreheads, and sunburns grew brighter, so keeping the Highlanders hydrated was an important task for senior football manager Jordyn Boling.

“We had to make sure everyone had enough water. We had to insist the players needed to keep drinking. We had towels soaking in water. It was a struggle,” said Boling.

According to webmd.com, people exercising in severe heat should drink every 15 to 20 minutes to stay hydrated. The heat index for Saturday’s game was 95 degrees, but to call off a game it has to be 105.

Sophomore cheerleader Olivia Babbitt thought it was too hot.

“I would have much rather played in the rain last night than in the heat,” said Babbitt.

With all the equipment on their bodies, the players tried to stay positive.

“It was really hot out there, but since we practiced on the turf, it wasn’t too bad,” said senior Garry Posey.

Freshman Dazzler Rosie Allen said even though it was hot and sweaty they did not allow the heat to affect their performance.

The Highlanders lost to the highly-ranked Bulldogs 49-3. Posey is using this loss for next week.

“I always want to improve and through reviewing the game film a couple hours after the game ended and some guidance from the coaching staff, I know exactly what I need to do to help beat the Pioneers,” said Posey.