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Eric Ordonez

Staff reporter


Senior Hannah Keehn, varsity cross country runner, and exceptional student in the classroom, sat down with the Bagpiper to discuss her personal success and devotion to running.

Bagpiper: How has this season gone for you thus far?

HK: “So far, I am the number two runner on the team. My races haven’t been as good as they have been in the past. Alyssa Moore is a sophomore and is currently the number one runner. She’s amazing.”

Bagpiper: How long have you been interested in running?

HK: “I started in fourth grade because both my mom and dad ran in high school. My mom even held records, but it was a small school so I don’t know if that counts. I also ran in AAU and I liked my coach Clyde Miller. He inspired me to keep running.”

Bagpiper: What is the best thing about running?

HK: “The people, definitely. I keep doing it for my friends, they just keep me going and going. It is a combination of the atmosphere, the friends, and the feeling of the runner’s high that you get.”

Bagpiper: How do you get prepared for a meet?

HK: “For races, a lot of times I listen to songs to pump me up. Every meet I listen to Angels and Airways’ song “Secret Crowds.” I always use prayer to prepare myself too. I just try to block everything out on the bus by listening to music. Then, as a team we do a one mile warm up and strides, which is when you stretch out your leg as far as you can while running. And before the meet actually starts we circle up, do a slow clap, and scream ‘FCCC!'”

Bagpiper: In one sentence, can you explain what running means to you?

HK: “Wow. Okay, without running, I wouldn’t be who I am. It has shaped so many of my friends and my strength. Physically and mentally. It’s not my life. Just half of it.”