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Students participate in various activities during the third-annual FCDM Halloween Howl

Photos by Delaney Smith and Quinn Fitzgerald.

Halloween Howl receives positive student opinion

By Peter Hyle and Will Huston

Saturday, Oct. 26, the Floyd Central Dance Marathon hosted the first ever Halloween Howl at the Galena Elementary School.  The event was organized in support of Riley’s Children Hospital. All of the proceeds went to the Dance Marathon , which is being held next February. Throughout the night there were many events including Trunk r’ Treat,  pumpkin painting contest,  photo booth,  costume competition, and a haunted house.

Many students who attended said  they had a good time.

“It’s a great time to celebrate the holidays and help raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital,” said volunteer Wendy Ivey.

Ivey helped pass out candy at the Trunk r’ Treat while dressed up as Glenda the Good Witch from the “Wizard of Oz.” Ivey also mentioned that despite not participating before, she plans on helping out at next year’s Dance Marathon.

The majority of people at the Halloween Howl  spent their time either listening to the bands play or taking part in the activities.

Senior Dana Frank, who dressed up as a rubiks cube  commented on how she really liked the pumpkin painting contest, saying it was a good chance to be goofy and creative.

Others, like junior Brett Yeaton, who dressed up as the classic movie Dracula, enjoyed the haunted house most.

“It’s just creepier than I thought it would be,” said Yeaton.

There were also some events in which only a few people were competing. Those who had brave stomachs contested in Halloween Howl’s very own Fear-Factor.

Juniors Emily Shumate, Sequoia Bryant, and Lexie Byrd decorate a pumpkin for the contest.
Juniors Emily Shumate, Sequoia Bryant, and Lexie Byrd decorate a pumpkin for the contest. Photo by Peter Hyle.

The winner of Fear-Factor and member of Dance Marathon, senior Allen Truong, won a $25 gift card.

Truong mentioned his main concern related to the contest, “I feel like people are perceived that I eat weird [now.]”

The event’s Fear Factor consisted of a four course meal consisting of  green peas in baby food, hot cottage cheese, Chocolate covered hard boiled eggs, and  a plate full of crickets.

The final event of the evening was the costume contests. There were four different categories: Best male costume was won by freshman Louis Prez who dressed up like a hippy. Best female costume was won by senior Dana Frank who dressed up as a Rubik’s cube. The best group costume was won by a group of girls dressed up as Native Americans. Their de facto chief was senior Jackie Banet. Finally, the couple’s costume was won by senior Trevor Smith and his girlfriend, who dressed up as the couple from the movie the Sandlot.

If the Dance Marathon committee at first had any doubts on the success of the event, the feedback quickly put their minds to ease.

Banet said that overall it was a blast and she most enjoyed being with her friends and all of the Halloween stuff available.

Many students, such as sophomore Stephen Johnson, agreed with Banet and said that he would come back again.

“It  was a really great time,” said sophomore Shannon O’Brien, “It really got me into the Halloween spirit, and now I can’t wait for next year’s event.”