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By Grace Runkel and Gwen Galeza


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By Gwen Galeza, Jared Murray and Claire DeFrancisci

Daily dose of caffeine poses hidden risks


By Jared Murray and Gwen Galeza

To some it is a mere drink, to others it is an elixir of energy for the long day ahead. Coffee has become a regular part of many students’ and teachers’ lives, whether for good or bad.

“I like coffee because it is warm and it tastes good,” said sophomore Sharon Jecker.

While students drink coffee for different reasons, they all agreed on one thing: the possible negative side effects do not matter.

“There are no negative side effects,” joked senior Ryan Clark.

According to medical website WebMD.com, caffeinated coffee, while a stimulant, is safe for most adults in moderation. Drinking multiple cups a day, however, may cause nervousness, anxiety or even caffeine addiction.

Even though senior Shelby Stephens loves coffee, she feels the side effects of coffee depend on the person and their drinking habits.

“Sometimes when I drink too much coffee after 3 p.m. it’s difficult for me to fall asleep at a decent hour, but it does ensure enough energy to get school work done,” she added.

Many teachers also enjoy coffee themselves, but some go beyond the recommended amount daily.

“I have drink coffee multiple times a day,” said social studies teacher Trent McNeeley, who has been known for drinking coffee since high school. McNeeley said he enjoys the flavor of coffee and that caffeine does not effect him like it used to.

Science teacher Beth Fitzgerald also mentioned that caffeine is not as potent to her as it once was, despite drinking “throughout the day.” Fitzgerald, who has been drinking coffee since she was 14, said that coffee is a family affair, with it being a part of family meals.

While some may find refuge in the thought of decaffeinated coffee, it still has its risks. Steadyhealth.com reports decaffeinated coffee is highly acidic and can aggravate pre-existing health problems like ulcers or heartburn.

The side effects of coffee are well known to both students and adults, but neither seem to care as long as it tastes good.

“Teenagers have different metabolisms than adults. It is more impactful on
younger people,” said McNeeley, who feels that coffee effects high schoolers differently than it affects adults

“Coffee can be bad for any age group if it is consumed irresponsibly, but I find it to be a safe way to stay motivated throughout the day, especially when you have a lot on your plate,” concluded Stephens.

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DIY makes a comeback

By Gwen P. Galeza

The effects of the recession might have hit some people hard, but among the creative people, it has only brought out their more productive and creative sides.

“The number one reason is that I am very cheap,” joked computer apps and web design teacher Kelly Bratcher. “However, I also am a creative person and I like to see the outcome of projects that I created from scratch.”

DIY (do it yourself) projects have been around since the dawn of time, but it is nothing like what society has today. With the boom of blogs and social media it has become easier to do things in a unique way.

“With social media now, people are able to share ideas better than ever. I think it is motivating or inspiring people to try their own DIY projects. You no longer need to purchase a book; you can get thousands of ideas instantly from websites,” said Bratcher.

Bratcher’s DIY projects started off when she purchased her new Kindle.  While browsing for cases she found the prices way beyond her budget and called them ‘ridiculous.’ She then searched online (Etsy.com) for inspiration and decided to take a journey to her closet and the Dollar Store.

“I started saving some shirts and jackets that I planned on getting rid of to use. My tip is to use items around the house,” said Bratcher.

While some use DIY projects for alternatives, other use it as a way to come out of their shells.

“It is very important to me because I am a quiet person and it gives me a way to express myself,” said senior Brandi Wilson.

Wilson enjoys making her own clothing and paper dresses. She aspires to be a Fashion Designer in the near future.

“DIYing” is also another way for students to create a certain comfort zone because of the personality that it brought.

“I do DIY projects to get my mind off of things. It keeps me entertained and I like making things,” said junior Jenna Knauer.

In her free time, Knauer makes bracelets that she sports everyday. She also joined the National Art Honor Society and sold her bracelets to profit the club.

When the norm has become “I made this” rather than “I bought this,” this DIY trend will surely hit it big with everybody.

“I think more people will do it because people are starting to break away and not do what is expected of them,” said Wilson. “People want to stand out and by making something, you put your personality into it.”



How to make Peter Pan collars by Grace Runkel.

Peter Pan collars are one of the more popular trend in the DIY area. They compliment every outfit even as boring as boring as sweaters and t-shirts.


2 pieces of 21 inches of lace trim