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Freshmen play their first pops poncert and their last marching band show for the season on Wednesday

By Garland Noel

“People may say that it takes a lot of dedication and work, and they’re right about that, but it’s all worth it in the end, ” said freshman Chase Bishop

Bishop, who plays baritone saxophone for pep, concert and marching band, is playing his first pops concert this year along with most of the freshman band players. The pops concert, which is held here on Wednesday at 7, marks the last time this year’s marching music will ever be played. The marching band is not alone as all the school bands will be playing their own part of the performance, making this one of the largest band concert aside from Winter Fantasia.

“We’re playing ‘Instant Concert,’ ‘Into the Storm’ and ‘Romanesque’,” said freshman intermediate band percussionist Luke Malone.

Malone said that his favorite piece was “Instant Concert” because it was fun to play and had a lot of songs in it. Freshman Mason Moberly and others agreed with his assessment, although Bishop disagreed and said his favorite was “Into the Storm.”

“It has the most energy has the most energy of the all pieces. ‘Instant Concert’ pretty much has one theme through out the entire piece, but ‘Into the Storm’ combines three different themes,” said Bishop.

With the intermediate, advanced, jazz, marching and pep bands playing this is a huge event, not to mention the A and B winter guard and the winter percussion playing. For some, though, it all comes back to why they do it.

“I have a lot of friends in band; everybody gets along, it’s just a cool experience,” said Bishop.

Five days before this weekend’s Dance Marathon rally school spirit

By Garland Noel

“For the Kids.”

For its fourth year the Dance Marathon Committee is going all out, and since the event is this Saturday, FCDM has introduced its own spirit days, which are being met with enthusiasm.

Senior Andrew Sung, who dressed as Doc from Snow White for Monday’s “Make Dreams Come True” Day when students dressed as their favorite Disney character, was very enthusiastic about this year’s FCDM Spirit Week and said that you had to go all out for spirit days or not at all.

Tuesday was “Be a Hero” Day and students like sophomore Madison Barney dressed up as superheroes in support of Riley’s Children’s Hospital. Wednesday was “Wear Red For Riley” Day, today is “Heroes of the Hospital” Day, where students dress in an array of medical themed costumes, and finally tomorrow will be “Come One, Come All” Day, where students will dress as circus performers.

“It’s really exciting and I wish more people would do it,” said Barney.

Dance Marathon will be this Saturday from 2 p.m to 9 p.m.

New Kickstarter game Chaosmos premiers at Gen Con Indy

Marketer Sam Vest, in top hat, and game designer Joey Vigour, on the left, oversee a game test. Photo by Garland Noel
Marketer Sam Vest, in top hat, and game designer Joey Vigour, on the left, oversee a game test. Photo by Garland Noel

By Garland Noel

It’s the week after Gen Con, the largest annual consumer electronic, sci-fi, fantasy, adventure and hobby game convention in North America, and I am hyped. With all the deserving new projects that were presented it’s hard to pick a favorite, but the one thing I think deserves some recognition is the first game test we did that day. Chaosmos.

Designed by Joey Vigour and marketed by Sam Vest, this kickstarter project was a joy to play.  Playing is a whirlwind of bluffs, tricks, and sleight of hand, always trying to shield your intent. Although it was my first play-through I quickly found out the hard way that even though I could use brute force, a good opponent could use my headlong rush to divert attention from the game at hand. Out of the hour-long introduction we had, one thing rang truer than everything else in our play test: trust no one.  It’s like go-fish, poker, and chess with a side of deceit and back stabbing.

The idea behind Chaosmos is this — the universe is ending, so pick one of multiple aliens, find the ovoid , and remake the universe in your own twisted image. Have the ovoid at the end of the game and the victory is yours. Each alien has it’s own special abilities, weaknesses, and tactics, making the game even harder to predict, like a shell game on steroids. As the first turn ended I discovered quickly that every turn counts, each ticking down the game clock. At the end of a two-hour session I was surprised by how quickly time had passed and especially surprised by who won. In the end the player no one thought was a threat revealed the ovoid had been in her hand since turn one.

Keeping in mind that it was a play test, gamers should look forward to highly detailed miniatures, a huge item count,  and an amazing game to infuriate their friends. This will be a hit with anyone who enjoys gaming and even some who don’t.

After the con was over and everyone had left, I still want to play again. From the cool stylized miniatures to the compelling drama this game hit a homerun with my game group and I can’t wait for the Nov. 15 kickoff. Pretty good for an 8 a.m. play testing.