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Column: Football coach Brian Glesing steps down

By JD McKay

After 11 years and 70 wins, head football coach Brian Glesing is stepping down. His resignation was exciting to some players, but disappointing to others. But one thing can not be disputed — he made FC football into a conference contender.

Glesing came from Clarksville High School after the 2006 football season. He walked into a team that went 6-24 under previous head coach Rusty Cecil and was outscored in 2006 142 to 341.

After going 2-8 in 2007, Glesing’s first season, the Glesing-led Highlanders had four straight winning seasons, including a sectional championship in 2009.

Glesing’s 2009 team was led by quarterback Max Guenther and eventual professional baseball player Jeffrey Thompson at tight-end. That season’s sectional championship was Glesing’s third sectional championship as a coach, and only championship at FC.

After Guenther graduated came the Bramble years. Kyle Bramble was possibly FC’s greatest player ever. Glesing made use of Bramble’s explosiveness and ability, handing him the ball 345 times his senior year for 2875 yards.

Then came his second losing season. The Highlanders lost Bramble the year before and it took a season to recover from losing a player like him.

After his second losing season came the Kimm-Wallace-Klingsmith era, 2013 and 2014. Quarterback Colton Kimm, running back Gage Klingsmith, and wide reciever Adam Wallace proved to be a talented and fast core of offensive players for Glesing to build his offense around.

In 2015, Glesing had his final losing season. But it had its positive moments. About halfway through the season began the Weimer years.

At the start of the 2016 season, running back Jason Cundiff joined quarterback Matt Weimer as the most talented underclassmen. That team was led with by a strong offensive line and talented, hard working seniors, the type of players Glesing likes the best.

The 2017 season proved to be Glesing’s most grueling. He was diagnosed with cancer about one month before summer workouts started and began chemotherapy.

While Glesing spent most of the summer fighting his battle, assistant coaches Alan Hess and James Bragg stepped in, along with the seniors to fill his shoes. Glesing missed the first game of the season against Louisville Male, and aside from one practice a week, never missed a football event. The Highlanders finished 8-3, losing to the Indiana state-champions Columbus East twice, and the best public school in Kentucky, Louisville Male, once. Even with the injury bug attacking the Highlanders in Week Three, he refused to let his Highlanders back down and just ride the rest of the season out.

I will remember Glesing as a great football coach and play caller. As the man who could say “fiddle-farts” with a straight face. And as a baddude, who stared cancer in the face, laughed at it, and said, “You can’t stop me from coaching my football team.”

The Unbeatables play Underdogs in Super Bowl LII today

By: JD McKay and Adam Hynes

This Sunday will double as one of the best and worst days of the year. The best part does not need any explaining, but it is the worst because we will need to wait six months until the first NFL preseason game. Plus, Tom Brady’s going to win, which will ruin my February.

First, two weeks ago I picked Brady to lose to Blake Bortles. I will never again pick Brady to lose a playoff game at home while Bill Belichick is the head coach. Or at least until he is in his 50s and had won his 15th Super Bowl the year before.

Now seriously, Brady is the most successful quarterback in NFL history, and I would be foolish to pick him over Nick Foles. Foles is a solid NFL starting quarterback, but Brady is too clutch and too experienced and too good to lose this year.

One factor that will play a role Sundey is the health of Rob Gronkowski. Gronk is a beast anywhere, but especially in the red-zone. However, last week Gronk got hit against his head and left the game with a concussion. He practiced with the team Saturday, and he will play probably play Sunday, but if he does not make it out of concussion protocol on time that could give the Eagles a much needed boost to bump them toward winning their first Super Bowl.

Bottom Line- The only way for the Eagles to win is to play the whole game like the Jaguars first half last Sunday, and not blow it like the Falcons did last year. Unfortunately, the Patriots Belichick and Brady dynasty are too good to let that happen again, and Patriots proved last Sunday they can beat one of the best defenses in the NFL. I think the Jaguars’ defense and the Eagles’ defense are comparable, so I am taking the Patriots 33-28.


It is the matchup no one’s been waiting for: Tom Brady vs. Nick Foles.

Most people are not going to like it, but I am pretty sure we all know who is going to win Super Bowl LII. The New England Patriots are going to win, and it probably will not be close. That is, unless Nick Foles does not throw for three touchdowns, 350 yards and no picks like he did last game against the Vikings, which I highly doubt could happen again, especially against the Patriots.

The Pats have looked unbeatable throughout the whole season. They started the postseason by thumping the Titans 35-14 in the AFC divisional round, then played a close game in the AFC championship game at the Jaguars. The Patriots still came out on top, but we all knew what the result was going to be from the start. I am pretty sure all of America, including me, expects nothing different from what we have seen from them all season.

The Eagles have their strong spots, with a better defense than the Pats and how well they played in their 38-7 blowout win against the Vikings. When you take it down to the wire, however, the Patriots are just too skilled of a team to be beaten. They have most likely the greatest quarterback and coach of all time, the best tight end in the league, and are just better than the Eagles. I think Philadelphia will give them a good game for the first half, but the Patriots will pull away in the second half for a lopsided win.

Final score: New England 37 Philadelphia 17

Column: Strong defenses lead teams to NFL conference championships

By JD McKay

The Blake Bortles-led Jacksonville Jaguars will beat the Tom Brady-led New England Patriots in Foxborough Sunday afternoon. This will certainly not be because of Bortles, who is probably the worst QB still left in the NFL playoffs, but the Sacksonville defense will eat Brady alive. Brady is at his worst when he is hit several times. In playoff games where he is sacked four or more times he is 2-3. One of his wins was last year in the Super Bowl where the Falcons blew a 28-3, lead and the other was in 2005 against the Jaguars where he won 28-3.

New England’s attempt to compensate for that will be a monster name Rob Gronkowski, the man probably grown in Bill Belichick’s basement. The Jaguars will need to take him away in short passes with Jalen Ramsey to get their pass rushes to Brady.

Final score- Jags 21- Patriots 20

In the NFL we have quite possibly the goofiest QB matchup in an NFL title game ever. Nick Foles is starting for the Eagles because MVP candidate Carson Wentz is injured. Playing for the Vikings is undrafted previously backup quarterback Case Keenum. The Eagles have the upperhand in this category, but it is like have a C- instead of a D+. The Eagles have a ridiculously talented group of running backs. Jay Ajayi and LeGarrette Blount should make stopping the Eagles in the red zone nearly impossible. The Vikings have a defense that should be able to keep Philadelphia out of the redzone. While the Eagles are at home, the Vikings have one thing on their side, “Bring it Home.”

“Bring it Home” has been the saying Minnesota this season because Super Bowl LII is set to be played in Minnesota at U.S. Bank Stadium. The Vikings will be competing for their city and the chance to be the first team to play the Super Bowl at their home stadium.

Final score- Vikings 31- Eagles 13

It’s a bad dude’s journal

Photo by Tori Roberts

By JD McKay

“Be the badder dude!”
This phrase is one I hear often at football practice.
“The team with the badder dudes wins.”
“A bad dude will get 25 reps.”
“Be a badder dude than the guy you line up on.”

Football is not my life, but it is a big part of it. When I am not playing football, I am watching football, or I am at church wearing my Andrew Luck or Notre Dame jersey. My football season never ends. The Sunday after the season ends, I am back to long snapping and workouts until the first day of track season.

I am a diehard Colts and Yankees fan, and my favorite athlete is Aaron Judge. I will root for any Indiana college team, as long as they are not playing my Fighting Irish.
I will not watch the NBA until June. You could say that I am a Pacers fan but my winters belong to the Columbus Blue Jackets.

Sports have been a part of me the same way Sunday morning church has been. As a little kid, I was always out in the backyard playing football by myself, and when my mom said it was too cold to go outside, I would play football in the living room. On Sunday afternoons, I would watch the Colts with my dad in my Peyton Manning jersey.

My passion for sports combined with my goofy personality has motivated me to write my weekly sports column. My column will be published every Wednesday, and I will give you my input, a bad dude’s input, on everything Floyd Central sports and in the sports world.

Highlanders face Columbus East tonight for sectional championship

By JD McKay

Tonight the Highlanders will attempt to redeem themselves after a 55-7 loss earlier this season against the Columbus East Olympians. Entering this sectional championship game, FC has won four straight since being thumped by East, including two straight wins over rival New Albany.

While losing by 48 points sounds bad, players and coaches believe there were some positive points in the game.

Senior fullback and linebacker Zach Rodgers said that the Highlanders played defense well at the beginning of the game, forcing two fourth downs against East on their first two drives.

Tonight, FC will change the approach used last time they played East.

“We’ll blitz a little bit more, we’ll be a little more aggressive and not sit back. We’ll try to dictate what their offense does, not let them do that to us, and change our coverages a little bit,” said assistant coach Alan Hess.

Two main improvements are needed to win this week: stopping East’s senior running back Jamon Hogan, and moving the ball on offense.

In their last bout, Hogan had 163 yards and two touchdowns to power East’s offense.

Hess said FC needs to tackle Hogan better to beat East.

The Highlanders double tight-end formation was successful in the second half, and that could be key to a Highlander win tonight.

“We need to run the ball down their throat, and get yardage every play, and get first downs,” said senior running back and defensive end Jason Cundiff.

According to Hess, tonight’s keys to success are “maintaining our gaps, playing with incredible passion, and pursue like wild banshees.”

Bottom Line- This incredibly talented East team will make winning Floyd’s third sectional, and second under head coach Brian Glesing, incredibly difficult. However, because of senior leaders, and players that believe they can win, this might be the team to finally beat the seemly invincible Hoosier Hills Conference powerhouse.