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Online registration to take effect today as students register for next year

By Eli Bolus and Meghan Poff 

Class registration for next year’s courses will be an online ordeal.  The change is not only to cut down on paperwork, but to prepare students for online college class registration.

The registration will be done through INOW and information will be given at a presentation in English classes over the next several days depending on grade.

At the presentation, students will receive a packet with their INOW login information and a set of step-by-step instructions showing students how to register for classes.

Once students have made their class decisions, they can log onto INOW anytime and register for their classes.

Counselor Mark Clark said that it would be preferable if students could register within a week of receiving their information since the counselors have so many schedules to approve.

Clark said the online registration will greatly cut down on work students have to do, but will actually increase the work of counselors because of the “double-checking” they will have to do.

Clark also said as long as students put course numbers in correctly, the transition will be smooth and will cut down on the number of schedule changes.

With the new registration system, students will be able to identify and correct schedule mistakes earlier than in recent years, he said.

Counselors will be available in the spine at lunch next week to answer questions that students have.

Readers who have something to say about the online registration process can post comments below.

FC to host Poetry Out Loud this Friday

By Grey Peterson

FC poets have an opportunity to share their talents in this Friday’s Poetry Out Loud competition.

Poetry Out Loud is a school-wide competition in which students will recite two poems for judges to evaluate.  This competition offers students an opportunity to learn to appreciate poetry and to get their pieces heard. After all, “Poetry is meant to be read aloud,” said English teacher Wallace Austin, who is coordinating the event.

In order to compete in Poetry Out Loud, students must be in grades 9-12, U.S. citizens, and must compete in the school competition before progressing to the state finals.

When asked about what judges are looking for in the students, Austin said,”We look for how students are able to capture the meaning in their poems.” Along with mastering the tone of their poems, students competing will want to be sure that their poems are selected from the Poetry Out Loud online anthology at poetryoutloud.org. One poem must be memorized while the other may be read. 

Entry forms are to be submitted to Austin’s room C109 this Friday, Jan. 27 when they compete.

FC falls to rival New Albany 58-57 in overtime

NJROTC members honor fallen soldier

By Eric Ordonez

Tomorrow, on the Saturday before Veteran’s Day weekend, members of the NJROTC around Floyd County and others will continue a highly regarded tradition. They will show their respect to a recent local fallen soldier.

It is something that has had great experiences in its first few years.

This weekend it will be the fourth annual nine-mile walk, in which approximately 110 NJROTC cadets will march from the rotunda in the front of the school down to the gravesite of the fallen soldier at the National Cemetery located on Ekin Avenue.They plan to begin their memorial march no later than 9 a.m.

The walk will focus on recognizing the duties of this soldier, and anyone else who has ever served.

“There is only one reason we do this, and that is because the cadets sacrifice themselves to really honor a fallen soldier,” Colonel Ben Gipe said.

Along with the FC cadets, the walk will consist of National Guard personnel, some active duty, 100 Washington High School cadets, and about 100 New Albany High School cadets. Along with these groups, the FC cadets will be escorted by the Floyd County Police.

“The veterans have done so much it isn’t a big deal to walk nine miles for them,” said senior Marissa Samons.

Four years ago, this tradition was begun by Senior Chief Michael Beal and Gipe.

“Colonel [Gipe] thought of it while he was in Iraq, so when he got home he said ‘Let’s do it’,” said Beal.

Through the majority of the walk they will try to remain a fun and entertaining environment. They have two breaks where Gipe will hand out an assortment of snacks. Also, Jay-C and Walmart will provide water for the cadets and members of the walk.

“We get honks…people honk like crazy. We also get a lot of support from random people on the street, veterans say ‘thanks,’ and families often come back and thank them and they appreciate us,” said Beal.

Tomorrow’s ceremonial march will be one to remember for everyone involved. The cadets, in Gipe’s mind, owe it to soldiers and soldiers only. Gipe is certainly excited for it, and said people in general owe the utmost respect to veterans.

“Not teachers, lawyers, police, none of them. It’s veterans, because they give us our rights. They’re the reason we have our rights,” said Gipe.

Girls’ soccer heads into regional match-up with Jasper Wednesday after big sectional win

By Luke Geraghty

Coming fresh off their fifth sectional title in six seasons, the FC varsity girls’ soccer team heads into a regional game against Evansville Memorial Wednesday with confidence after finishing the regular season with three straight losses. Despite that streak, senior Cassie Holland said they aren’t surprised to be here.

FC beat Jasper 2-1 in the sectional title game Saturday night. The team found itself down 1-0 in the game against Jasper.

“They scored first, but we didn’t let it get to us,” senior Kelsey Moburg said.

The team would erase the 1-0 deficit after senior Lauren Haley and sophomore Ellie Stewart each scored goals for the team. Head coach Lewie Stevens was impressed with the team’s come-from-behind win.

“We possessed the ball well and our defense was good both individually and as a team,” Stevens said.

Heading into Wednesday’s regional match-up, Holland said the coaches have been a real help in getting the team this far.

“They have helped us make our formation fit the personality of the team,” Holland said.

Evansville Memorial presents itself as a tough challenge for FC. The Lady Tigers come into the match with an unbeaten record on the season. Stevens talked about what the team needs to do in order to try and get the upset win.

“We need to move the ball quickly and at a good pace, but still under control,” he said.

The match is scheduled for Wednesday at Jasper at 5 p.m.