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Students explore Italy’s treasures

By JT Samart

Nine hours. Nine hours is the time that lies between Latin teacher Lesley Austin and four students, and the trip of a lifetime. For some, this might have been a plane ride of boredom, but for Austin and her students, it is one of anticipation  This summer would lead them to a trip to Italy through EF tours to learn about the customs, history and culture. The tour will contain of viewings of Assisi, Florence, the Vatican State and Rome. “It was dope.” said senior Zach Nichols and most would have to agree.

Prom 2012 proves to be a success

By Claire DeFrancisci and Ashley Vance

Online registration to take effect today as students register for next year

By Eli Bolus and Meghan Poff 

Class registration for next year’s courses will be an online ordeal.  The change is not only to cut down on paperwork, but to prepare students for online college class registration.

The registration will be done through INOW and information will be given at a presentation in English classes over the next several days depending on grade.

At the presentation, students will receive a packet with their INOW login information and a set of step-by-step instructions showing students how to register for classes.

Once students have made their class decisions, they can log onto INOW anytime and register for their classes.

Counselor Mark Clark said that it would be preferable if students could register within a week of receiving their information since the counselors have so many schedules to approve.

Clark said the online registration will greatly cut down on work students have to do, but will actually increase the work of counselors because of the “double-checking” they will have to do.

Clark also said as long as students put course numbers in correctly, the transition will be smooth and will cut down on the number of schedule changes.

With the new registration system, students will be able to identify and correct schedule mistakes earlier than in recent years, he said.

Counselors will be available in the spine at lunch next week to answer questions that students have.

Readers who have something to say about the online registration process can post comments below.

Abnormal weather may prevent snow days before winter break

By Claire DeFrancisci
Additional reporting by Rebekah Landers

This is the weather forecast this week for the Floyds Knobs area.

This week there has been a noticeable amount of warm weather in the Southern Indiana region. Instead of a foot of snow Southern Indiana has had several inches of rain. The lack of accumulating snow will damper the chances of snow days before Winter Break.

“I want it to snow really bad, it’s not normal for it to be this warm in December,” said sophomore Deja Jones.

The abnormally warm weather is most likely not here to stay. According to  Astronomy and Meteorology teacher CJ Jackson, the temperature will drop to a high of 34 degrees within the next  five days.

“Right now [the weather] is above average because we’ve had so many high temperatures. That’s because last year we had such cool temperatures over the European landmass. We had big blocking dome of pressure, and it wasn’t allowing the weather to move like it normally does. This year it’s moving like it normally does, so we’re getting unusually warm but kind of normal. That’s going to change in the next five days,” said Jackson

The next question that comes up is whether or not the school corporation will have snow days before the end of the semester. This year if FC has snow days before Winter Break, then the school will use the snow make-up days on Dec. 21 and 22. Many students and teachers have different opinions on this new system.

“I think that it’s a bad thing because families plan to travel and they expect to have the entire Christmas Break to do that,” said sophomore Tiffany Bowen.

For this reason it is strongly encouraged for families to not plan vacations around finals week, in case any sudden changes in the schedule occur. Although most students are reluctant to give away time from the much anticipated Winter Break, Jackson has a different view on the subject.

“[The snow make-up days] are pretty good because it helps decompress the prom and graduation issue when you have as many inclimate days as we have had over the past two or three years then that gets us to the point where we have to ask if we have to back commencement up so it kind of relieves that pressure. It’s awkward in that we have not done it before, but based on our last three years it will be a good way to relieve some of the pressure,” said Jackson.

To check up on the weather watch your local news or type in your zip code to the Weather.com  site.