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‘Elephant Man’ finishes weekend showing

Photos by Amber Bartley

“Elephant Man” concluded this weekend with three performances in Studio One.

Interact Club members throw end-of-year banquet

Photos by Bailey Warren

Columnist reflects on lack of life skills in classroom

By Sophie Howie

Editor’s Note: This column goes along with a life skills spread on Page 14 and Page 15 of the print edition of The Bagpiper on April 21. 

Many students complain that the skills they’re learning in school can’t be applied to everyday situations. Some parts of subjects, or entire subjects themselves, are often dismissed as irrelevant. FC students have roughly eight hours to learn, grow and socialize on an average school day. This brings up the question, “How many of those eight hours are being wasted on material that will be virtually no help later in life?” It’s said that school is meant to prepare students for the rest of their lives, but in reality, it’s only preparing them for similar classes in higher education that they may not take. After college, it seems, they’re on their own with the skills they have and that’s that. Continue reading Columnist reflects on lack of life skills in classroom