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FC set to get over the hump and beat New Albany in sectionals

By J.D. McKay

We just beat Jennings County. Now our eyes are set on our first big postseason matchup with our inner-district rival, the New Albany Bulldogs. However, the Dogs are without their best player, Julien Hunter, who broke his fibula vs Providence on Feb. 8.

New Albany started the season with high expectations because they had won five straight sectionals and had Hunter, who is a legit D-1 prospect. If not for a player now at IU, Hunter would have been New Albany’s best player his freshman year. But his injury lowered some expectations.

To advance to the sectional championship, first we will need to keep senior Derrick Stevenson under 10 points. Earlier this season, he scored 10 and we won, so limiting him again without the threat off Hunter to take some pressure of himself will slow their offense down. If another guy like junior Trey Hourigan or senior Landon Sprigler wants to carry New Albany’s scoring, let them. While both of these guys are talented players, I am taking senior Cobie Barnes or sophomore Jake Heidbreder to out score them in a shootout.

The next key to success is getting Heidbreder and Barnes rolling earlier on offense. New Albany does an excellent job of limiting our best two players in these games. When we beat the Dogs, our top players had close to 10 points. This year, Barnes had 12 and Heidbreder had nine. But last year, when we lost in the sectional championship, Barnes had one and now graduated Luke Gohmann had two. I think that it will be easier this time around for Barnes to get going, though. For one, New Albany does not have Romeo Langford to guard him and their next best matchup, Hunter, is injured. Even if they do contain Barnes, I think Heidbreder will be too much of a weapon to pressure Barnes the whole game and leave Heidbreder open.

Lastly, if we can keep NA from scoring 40 points like we did earlier this year, or even 50 points, we should win. Our offense is too good to not score more than 50 for a second time against the Bulldogs this year.

It is finally time to see if NA coach Jim Shannon’s words to the Courier-Journal come true: “It’s their Super Bowl because they never beat us.” However, this should be our second win against the Dogs this season. Without their best player, we should win by a bigger margin than we did previously. But do not let that stop you from showing out. As the Kilt Krew has said, we need it FAT. Final Score: FC 52- NA 41

Upcoming artist Meadow Ryann shares her story

By Megan Johnson and Sydney Sears

As we all know, growing up is a challenging struggle. For most high school students, an average day is a hard task to endure. Waking up, going to school, doing homework/chores and sometimes even the additional drama is what teens have come to know as “just another day.”

However, imagine being a nationally known singer/songwriter and having to deal with all of the above. This is the life of 13 year-old singer/songwriter Meadow Ryann.

“[Stardom] didn’t affect my school or social life in a great way. It didn’t make school any easier and didn’t make people easier to deal with. I was always gone,” said Ryann.

Due to Ryann having to travel to other states to perform she could not regularly attend school. The same situation occurred as well when it came to her other extra-curricular activities such as cheerleading and swimming.

“I could never do any of the normal things kids would do. I couldn’t cheer anymore, I couldn’t swim anymore. I couldn’t be in class anymore because I was always gone,” said Ryann.

Ryann also explained that as she began her journey towards stardom, having a social life became even harder. Ryann’s mother/manager Jeannine Drollinger shared her thoughts on how Ryann’s life was affected by stardom.

“People used to say things behind her back, but now they send us private messages on social media,” said Drollinger.

She explained that within these messages, people sometimes questioned her motives as a mother.

“I get really upset when people say, ‘You’re just trying to make her famous.’ My quote is there’s a difference in being famous and being successful. I use that all the time.”

Drollinger also shared that sometimes people tend to underestimate Ryann as well.

“I hear a lot, ‘Oh she’s just a singer.’ But there’s so much more that goes along with it,” said Drollinger.

She explained that as Ryann’s manager, she has to book gigs, shows and has to spend several hours just managing Ryann’s social media accounts. Ryann also has to go to different recording sessions, concerts, shows and photo/video shoots that take a lot of effort and hard work.

“They think she just shows up on stage and there she is, but there’s so much more that goes along with it.”

In spite of all the negativity flowing through her life at that time, Ryann now has a positive light to help her through any dark time. Her light  is her singing and songwriting.

“I feel like writing songs can make anyone happy. I feel like there have been so many times that I’ve just been in a bad mood and I’m just so depressed, and I’ll write something and it’ll just brighten my mood. It’s like a hug from an instrument.”

Ryann feels her music style is very special and unique.

“If you took Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, and Nora Jones, even Ed Sheeran and you mixed them all together, that’d be me,” said Ryann with a smile.

Freshman Kaelyn Gibson met Ryann at her friends party over the summer and has become friends with the upcoming star.

“We just clicked,” said Gibson.

Gibson mentioned that upon meeting the singer, she found out about Ryann’s career. Gibson said that Ryann is different from other singers because she’s shy and sweet and not wrapped up in herself like many other artists. Despite Ryann’s shy and girly persona, she enjoys other artists and bands like Blake Veil Brides, Sleeping with Sirens and NeverShoutNever.

“Ryann’s music is gonna be really popular. I think she has a lot going for her,” said Gibson.

Ryann also shared that she lives by several slogans that help her get through the hard times.

“I have several slogans that I use a lot. It may sound ‘corny’ or ‘cheesy’ but it really, really helps. For example, if someone calls you a chair. Does that really mean you’re a chair? Obviously, no you aren’t. You’re a human being. So if someone calls you an ugly or a nasty name, does that mean that you are that thing? No.”

Drollinger added one last comment regarding to  Ryann’s success.

“Sometimes I’m just like ‘How do you come up with this stuff?’ It’s just pure raw emotion that she brings to me. I’m proud, very obviously, proud.”

If you are interested in learning more about Ryann, her musical abilities and where she will be performing next you can visit her website. She will have a 5 song EP released in mid-September, containing her own original song, “That is Love.” You can connect to her via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, Reverbnation and email through her site. If you wish to contact her through ask.fm or instagram search “Meadow Ryann.”