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Dance Marathon committees make final preparations as FCDM begins

By Brooke McAfee, Elise Kurk, and Mitchell Lockhart

As students and volunteers prepare for a long day of activities, they express their excitement for today’s Dance Marathon.

Junior Sydney Davis, who is part of the Entertainment Committee, said she is excited to how much money is raised.

“I am super excited to see our total. I am really hoping we meet our goal,” she said.

Senior Eliza Hudson is part of the Morale Committee, and it is her responsibility to get people pumped up and teach the morale dance throughout the day.

“There will be a lot of games and activities and a lot of great Riley kids stories,” she said.

Another aspect many people are excited about is the free food. It is the Dance Marathon Committee’s job to find caterers to donate food. The food will include Tumbleweed, Beef ‘O’Brady’s, Taco Bell, McDonalds, Olive Garden, and Arni’s.

“We spend months leading up the the Dance Marathon contacting different restuarants seeing if they will donate food or sell at a discounted price,” said junior Gabby Gibson, who works on the Catering Committee.

Some of the events that are scheduled include a Hunger Games event, involving Nerf guns, and the Rave Hour, featuring strobe lights and a fog machine in a darkened room.

Kerry Jones, one of the heads of the National Art Honors Society, is working at a booth where students can make items for sick children.

“We are making puppy-pals and stuffing pillows…each pillow goes to a sick kid,” she said.

Senior Sarah Henry, an entertainment and decorations executive member, said although the activities are enjoyable, it is helping the Riley children that is most rewarding.

“I can’t wait to see the whole school come together for the kids,” she said.

FCDM has just begun. Check back throughout the afternoon and evening for continual coverage.

Dance Marathon members prepare endlessly in the hours before today’s event

By Alaina King and Hannah Cheatham

Although the fourth annual Dance Marathon for Riley Children’s Hospital does not start for another hour, the committees have been hard at work, some even sleeping on air mattresses in the school last night in order to finish decorating the gym.

“The committees started setting up right after school, and the girl room went to bed around 1:30 a.m. We got up at 8 a.m. and Mrs. Stansbury, Mrs. Martin, and myself made biscuits and gravy, eggs, and bacon for the executive committee,” said Katrina Uhl, one of the Dance Marathon Coordinators.

Only the executive members stayed the night, but others proved their dedication by staying late and coming in early to set up.

“I stayed until 9 and came in at 10 to prepare for the event,” said junior committee member Sydney Davis.

The committee’s main goal was to make sure the gym looked nice and all the booths were prepared.

“Staying the night here was awesome, we spent a lot of time putting things together to make it look great for today so everyone can enjoy themselves and have a great night since they raised money for the kids,” said senior executive committee member Tanner Cook.

Registration for FCDM is ongoing now. The event officially kicks off at 2 p.m. Check back for updates throughout the afternoon and evening for continued coverage.

Five days before this weekend’s Dance Marathon rally school spirit

By Garland Noel

“For the Kids.”

For its fourth year the Dance Marathon Committee is going all out, and since the event is this Saturday, FCDM has introduced its own spirit days, which are being met with enthusiasm.

Senior Andrew Sung, who dressed as Doc from Snow White for Monday’s “Make Dreams Come True” Day when students dressed as their favorite Disney character, was very enthusiastic about this year’s FCDM Spirit Week and said that you had to go all out for spirit days or not at all.

Tuesday was “Be a Hero” Day and students like sophomore Madison Barney dressed up as superheroes in support of Riley’s Children’s Hospital. Wednesday was “Wear Red For Riley” Day, today is “Heroes of the Hospital” Day, where students dress in an array of medical themed costumes, and finally tomorrow will be “Come One, Come All” Day, where students will dress as circus performers.

“It’s really exciting and I wish more people would do it,” said Barney.

Dance Marathon will be this Saturday from 2 p.m to 9 p.m.

Dance Marathon committees plan out the year ahead

By Peter Hyle and Sidney Reynolds

FC will be hosting the Dance Marathon this February for the fourth consecutive year. This event provides games and activities in an effort to raise money for Riley Children’s Hospital. To conduct an event like this requires well thought out planning and dedication. In order to make the fundraiser as successful as possible, the planning and preparations are divided into four different committees.

“We have the fundraising committee, which is in charge of fundraising money prior to the event itself to try and get the total up each year. We also have recruitment, which works on getting people to the event itself and spreading the word about what Dance Marathon is and what we’re trying to accomplish. The entertainment committee is in charge of planning the night, which involves creating a schedule and planning out all of the activities. And then of course there’s catering that provides us with all of the food and beverages,” said FCDM coordinator and English teacher Tiffany Stansbury.

Creating each committee and giving them a purpose was a large task to take on. But even more in depth was deciding how each group would be constructed. For the fourth annual Dance Marathon, there were 170 students who volunteered to be on staff. Unfortunately, not everyone could be accepted.

“It was certainly a nice problem to have,” said Stansbury, “But we had to have a certain amount of guys and girls, a certain amount from each grade, and then we tried to get an even amount of people who have been involved in previous years and people who are new to the staff.”

Each year the event is hosted, more students learn about the fundraiser and it’s success seems to build from previous years.

“I had so much fun at last year’s Dance Marathon, and I thought it would be an even better experience this year to contribute,” said sophomore Kristen Burger, new to the FCDM staff this year.

Even though the main event is not until the second semester, the committees are dedicating their time and efforts in advance to make as large an impact as possible.

“We sold Yankee Candles at the end of August as our first fundraiser, and we have so much more planned. The yard sale is on Sept. 28, and we have a Halloween Party coming soon in October,” said Burger.

For the other volunteers, the overall experience of being on staff is also a main reason they choose to dedicate themselves to the cause.

“I volunteered for Dance Marathon again this year because last year it had a big impact on my life. It felt good to be a part of something so huge and worthwhile. I was a small part in it but it was still a great opportunity,” said junior Lexie Byrd.

For the past three years, the FCDM committee has gone past their own expectations and raised more than their actual goal. To make this possible for a fourth year in a row, their new goal is to “Strive for Forty-Seven Five”, which is a couple thousand more than what they collected at last year’s event. On top of that, they are constantly thinking of how they can improve and give more back to Riley’s Hospital.

“We’re trying to get the word out earlier and take part in more activities throughout the school year. For us, Dance Marathon is a year-long process and we want to bring that to the school as well,” said Stansbury.

Editor’s Note: For more details on this year’s Dance Marathon activities, check out the Oct. 4 issue of The Bagpiper.