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Dance Marathon coverage from just past the halfway point

By Sophia Perigo

FCDM fun heightens as it draws closer to the end

Photos by Shelby Pennington

Q&A: FCDM teacher sponsor Rachel Sketo


The Bagpiper: Why does FCDM matter to you?

Rachel Sketo: I’m definitely here for the kids. I think this is one of the greatest things we can do. Riley hospital is an amazing place and it does amazing things for the kids in Indiana. I’m not a Hoosier but after working in Indiana, this is my seventh year working in Indiana, and I’ve seen Riley and what it has done for some of my own students. I just really appreciate it. I think it is amazing. I just want to do whatever I can to help.

BP: How are you involved?

RS: So I am one of the teacher sponsors. I am in charge of the decorations committee. So I help the kids come up with ideas and I kind of figure it out logistically-how it’s going to all come together. They split into parts and they all all assigned sections, so I help make sure they can see the whole picture. I try to provide them with things they need or I help them work through an idea. You know we get here Friday night and put it all together and it’s a little nuts, but it’s the best part.

BP: How is this year different from previous FCDMs?

RS: This is only my second official year being involved in Dance Marathon, and this year I feel like I really know what I am doing as opposed to last year. Obviously, I knew what Dance Marathon was, but I hadn’t seen it go through, you know, from its beginning stages to the end. So, since last year was my first year, Christina Bauerla and I were the decorations committee together, so she lead the way and I learned a lot from her. And then this year Christina isn’t with us so it’s been a lot easier doing it by myself having had Christina last year. But opposed to our mission, you know, everything’s the same. We all just have a great passion for Riley and for the kids. And I think my passion has just grown stronger this year and I just am really-I think this is really important. I am happy to do this.


FCDM begins with continuing excitement

Photos by Lexi Sapp