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Review: ‘Mary Poppins’ flies away with the show this weekend

By Peyton Combs

*Editor’s Note: For more coverage, check this weekend and early next week.

Mary Poppins, a 1964 musical film known for its whimsical lead character and its songs “Chim Chim Cher-ee,” “A Spoonful of Sugar,” “Feed the Birds” and “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” was brought back to life Saturday night by the Floyd Central Theatre Department. Directed and designed by theatre teacher Robbie Steiner, the production maintained the same charm and authenticity as the original film while also adding special effects that kept the audience entertained throughout the entire show. Between the oddly real looking sets,  familiar songs, and dance numbers, this play was so good that it was practically perfect.

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‘[Title of Show]’ set to take Studio One stage tonight

By Connor Lopp

The theatre department’s next show is to hit Studio One today, Friday, Jan. 23, with the performance of the show “[Title of Show].”

“It is a musical about people writing a musical about writing a musical. It’s like inception,” said director Robbie Steiner. “It is the product of what they have been writing and it’s showing them writing it.”

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New Voices Young Playwrights Contest spotlights talented students

By Peyton Combs

For hundreds, possibly even thousands of years, theatre has been a source of entertainment and limitless creativity all around the world. Plays are written, rehearsed, and acted out as the writer’s way of expressing themselves and telling an intriguing story.

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‘Nunsense’ premieres Sept. 18

By Christian DiMartino and Connor Lopp

With school being back in session for a month now, the Theatre Department has started to prepare to perform their first show of the year,  Nunsense.

“’Nunsense’ is about a group of crazy, unique nuns who have to put on a fundraiser show to raise money to bury sisters that were poisoned by stew,” said sophomore Morgan Prentiss. “Not many people have heard of the show, but it’s wonderful.”

The show starts running on Thursday, Sept. 18 and goes through Sunday, Sept. 21.

“They started rehearsing the first day of school and we casted in May,” said theatre director Robbie Steiner.

The play has been performed at FC before, but it first premiered off broadway in 1985.

“FC performed ‘Nunsense’ about five years ago, I knew several girls in it and I came to see it most of the nights,” said senior Anna Nungester.

The characters add character to the story as well.

“My favorite part is when Sister Mary Amnesia interacts with the audience, and that interaction is just fun,” said Steiner. “It’s a lot of fun to see.”

The cast has high expectations for the upcoming show.

“’Nunsense’ is going to be so much fun and entertaining,” said senior Bethany Smith. “We have a great cast, and we are looking forward to performances.”

One challenge for this play’s cast is the double casting.

“Some of the roles are double cast so it takes a little while to go back and forth with both casts,” said Steiner.

“Nunsense” draws people to the theatre to come and see the first play of the season.

“I would consider it a hidden gem in theatre,” said Prentiss.

Theatre seniors rise to inspirational finale

By Megan Johnson

Senior year. The finale of a teen’s high school career. Some feel it is the last time they will ever been seen as a teenager and the first time they will be seen as an adult. However, for some teens involved in theatre, their “finale” is very literal.

Theatre seniors experienced such a finale last weekend in “Pride and Prejudice.” Within this show, some of the seniors had major roles. Other cast members like sophomore Ashley Denny said seniors displayed leadership in playing their roles.

“They’re very helpful, dedicated and hard working actors,” she said.

Denny said that senior Savannah Wormley taught her how to work hard during performances, but also enjoy herself.

Wormley shared that theatre has not always been her main priority. However, over the years it has become a major part of her life.

“Theatre is what got me to come out of my shell. I’m not exactly shy, but theatre really takes away inhibitions, you become very outgoing,” said Wormley.

Sophomore Henry Miller said his inspiration comes from not only one actor, but two: seniors Clay Gulley and Collin Jackson.

“They have taught me that theater is tough because you have a lot of competition, but a lot of people want you to succeed,” said Miller.

Jackson explained that theatre has always been a part of his life.

“I feel like it’s just a part of me. I don’t experience what I feel on stage anywhere else. I just can’t not do it,” he said.

Miller shared that he sees both of these actors as very talented and wishes to succeed as they have.

Theatre director Robbie Steiner said Gulley stood out amongst his peers as a true leader.

“He’s the thespian president and a great example of somebody who works very hard. He’s humble, he cares for his peers and makes effort to be a good role model,” said Steiner.

Steiner shared that Gulley has matured since his freshman year and has become a hard-working, poised young man.

Gulley shared that this maturity has mainly blossomed within the past year.

“The fact that I’m almost 18 and about to graduate has really given me perspective on things. To accept that you’re growing up requires some maturity, and I think some of that maturity has transcended into my performances,” said Gulley.

With all four years of experience and growth in theatre, Gulley leaves with high hopes for the up and coming leaders.

“I believe that anyone who is true to their passions, is hardworking and above all, truly respectful of others has the potential to truly be a wonderful leader. Theatre is a fire within the performer and only he can keep it ablaze.”

Additional reporting by Melanie Parrish.