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Theater students rehearse for performances of 42nd Street this weekend

Photos by Layah Jones

Costumes show role in FC theatre productions

By Savannah Schroering

After a long day of school, Henry Miller happily converses with his theatre friends before walking into the costume shop. It is lined with fabrics, sewing machines and obvious hard work. Each shelf is stuffed with countless different kinds of fabric and costumes in progress are hung on racks in the shop, waiting to be finished or fit on the performer. He waits his turn before getting measured and fitted in his costume for his role as Howard in Moon Over Buffalo.

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‘Moon Over Buffalo’ premiering tonight

Photos by Jenny North

Curtain opens on upcoming theatre season

by Emma Anderson and Jenny North

The sweaty and exhausted actors anxiously await callbacks after a long weekend of audition preparation. Off stage, students nervously anticipate their dance audition. Groups of six walk on stage to perform the routine previously engrained in their minds at the dance workshop three days before. It is time to leave it all on the stage.

This year the stage opens up with two new shows, Moon Over Buffalo and 42nd Street.

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