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Texting while driving causes danger to teens, other drivers

By Sophie Howie

Words are known to be powerful things. They can flip perspectives and help people look past prejudices. They can stop some things and start others. They can persuade, inform, scare, build up, and break down. But the one thing words can do that they seem to do best is claim lives. Continue reading Texting while driving causes danger to teens, other drivers

Look back at FC girls’ basketball senior night

Video by Sydney LaDuke

After being eliminated from the IHSAA Sectional in late January, the girls’ basketball team ended their season with a 13-11 record.

“This season went much better than the previous seasons which I’m grateful to be part of. I was hoping to make the championship of sectionals. We had the best draw we could have had but it was upsetting to lose against Jennings County in the first round. On the bright side, we did have a winning season which hadn’t happened in years,” said senior Gracie Fitzgerald. “This season was also very interesting. We are just dominos of injuries. Despite that, we played every every game with our best possible effort. This team definitely proved potential for the next few years. I’m so proud to be a part of this team.”

“Last season was amazing. We should’ve won a few more of the close games, but I’m really happy with how it went. The team really grew together as the season went on and played as a family. My main goal was a winning season because since I’ve been in the program we haven’t had one, and we had a winning season this year,” said senior Chenaniah Clark.

To further reflect on the season, take a look back on 2016-17 Senior Night.


POLL 2/10/2017: How would you grade President Donald Trump’s first three weeks in office?

Editor’s Note: This poll goes along with Braden Schroeder’s column on Page 8 of today’s print edition of The Bagpiper on Feb. 10.