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Radio/TV covers FCDM on live television

By Nika Chin

Since 11 a.m. today, the Radio/TV staff has been preparing the coverage of Floyd Central Dance Marathon (FCDM) and has been broadcasting today on televisions around the school as well as on live TV.

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Softball team progresses despite recent flooding

By Delaney Smith and Sydney Sears

With the season well underway, the softball team is looking forward to a winning season. While the team has been practicing hard, recent flooding of the softball field due to rain has slowed down their progress.

Extensive field damage was caused by the water. “There was 36 inches of standing water in the concession stand and the field wasn’t even visible,” said athletic director Jeff Cerqueira. “There was damage to the fence, wind screen, and most of the infield material was washed away.” The repairs to the fields are estimated to cost over $50,000, according to Cerqueira.

“We haven’t gotten as much time on the fields as I had hoped for, the rain has been tearing them up pretty good, but we have the gym on the days we get rained out and we work hard there,” said sophomore Erin Keenan.

The community, led by Doug Curry, has helped with cleaning up the fields so that they can be functioning by May 12 for the conference. Maintenance was seen working on the fields throughout the previous week.

Junior Clara Shean and sophomore Emily Keenan said that the team has also had been conditioning since the fall and they have been spending time hitting in the cages to improve.

“I think we will do great this season. The team looks really good and we have been practicing a lot,” said Emily.

Shean agreed that the team shows promise has been showing a lot of talent.

Each team member has their own improvements that they hope to make this season.

“My personal goal is to improve my pitching and batting,” said Erin.

Shean also plans on improving her hitting skills through the season.

Currently the JV record is 5-1 and the varsity record is 2-1.


Dual personalities share experiences in radio/TV and softball

By Rachel Lamb

Between producing a FC radio/TV production to standing in the outfield during a softball game, sophomores Emily and Erin Keenan are still able to manage within their busy lives. For some students, having this hectic schedule is hard to fulfill alone. This is not the case for the Keenans, since they are twins.

“It is pretty cool having my best friend with me 24/7 since birth,” said Erin.

These sisters may have the same interests, but their opinions on the hobbies they share are not necessary the same.

“Softball keeps me in shape and gives me the opportunity to meet new people,” said Emily.

Erin shared that her favorite part leans more on the energetic side of the sport.

“I like the feeling of the adrenaline rush you get from outrunning a play, sliding into base, or catching a line drive.”

Softball coach Rick Keenan, also the twins’ dad,  shared a few of Erin’s strengths on the softball field.

“She always has a good sense of where the ball is going to go and her good arm always comes in handy.”

This sport is only a small part of their lives. Emily and Erin also help produce “Everybody Talks,” a radio/TV production.

“Both girls are hard working, responsible, and take pride in their work. However, they are a little quiet and shy; I think that’s why I can’t tell them apart,” said radio/TV teacher Tim Dench.

Last year, both girls took the first radio/TV class. Instead of continuing on to the second class, Emily and Erin decided to take sports broadcasting this year and get involved in helping produce “Everybody Talks” with senior Julie Jackson.

Emily shared her opinion on why she enjoys being in the class and producing “Everybody Talks.”

“It is preparing me for my career as a filmmaker, but most of all that my twin sister does it with me.”

Students broadcast TV show

By Sydney Sears and Delaney Smith

“Okay, standby Julie five seconds.”

Senior Julie Jackson talk to her viewers during “Everybody Talks.” Photo by Delaney Smith.
“Everybody Talks” is broadcast through the hallway in the Preforming Arts wing. Photo by Delaney Smith.
Sophomore producers Emily and Erin Keenan work behind the scenes in the production room of “Everybody Talks.” Photo by Delaney Smith.

 Senior Julie Jackson’s TV show “Everybody Talks” gets ready to air, the production room is busy with everyone scrambling around, getting the cameras focused, the sound levels right, and the guests set with their microphones.

“There is a ton of technical stuff we have to do before we start the show,” said Radio/TV teacher Tim Dench.

Although Dench helps out, he emphasizes that he is “a strictly behind the scenes overseer” and that sophomore producers Emily and Erin Keenan do a most of the work that helps makes the show a success. Some of the many jobs of the producers are anything from coming up with  titles for Jackson, and the names and titles of their guests, to making sure the sound levels are just right so that you can hear them speak without it being too loud or quiet.

“Their job as director is always to stay one step ahead,” said Dench.

Jackson’s show, which is put on every Tuesday night, is a mirage of interviews, fun facts, community talk, and Jackson’s opinions. The show consists of different segments, like her top ten pet peeves or top ten lies that people tell. A few segments vary from show to show, but others stay consistent throughout the weeks.

“It [Everybody Talks] offers students with special talents or that are involved in upcoming events to get on our TV channel,” said Emily.

During the half hour to hour long show, Jackson interviews someone. The special guests include student actors, singers, race-car drivers, and even a hypnotist.

“It [Everybody Talks] offers students with special talents or that are involved in upcoming events to get on our TV channel,” said Emily.

Mr. Dench and Jackson’s love for radio/TV prompted Jackson to start doing shows. Throughout her experience of putting on “Everyone Talks” she’s been affected in a positive way.

“Doing this show has benefitted me immensely. I used to be super quiet and I used to not like to talk at all. I’ve never really been outgoing and this show has made me outgoing,” said Jackson.

Jackson shares that doing this show has also allowed her to enjoy talking to people more and led to her becoming a big people person.

“It’s made me the person I am today,” said Jackson.

In the future Jackson hopes to have the show develop and include the community more and involve more students within the school.

“I wanna form the show around really good causes that people in our community are involved in,” said Jackson

Emily also has high hopes for the future of ‘Everybody Talks.”

“I hope we can get more students to interview and just keep the show going for a long time. I look forward to the show each week and I just hope to keep getting better at working behind the scenes.” said Emily.

Erin has hopes that the show will grow and become more popular.

“I hope that it [Everybody Talks] grows into something that could be really big. I also hope that we just keep adding on and improving the show like maybe a little 30 second video in the beginning or something. Hopefully we are moving in a good direction,” said Erin.

Everybody Talks is a completely student run operation with very little help from Dench.

“It is unique, in that it is totally student based, it is different. It may not be for everybody but a lot of people seem to like it,” said Dench

“Everybody Talks” is broadcast live every Tuesday night at five o’clock on the school’s television station (cable channel 24, digital channel 8-6).