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Dazzlers hope to add to state title tomorrow

by Devin Bloomfield

After winning their ninth consecutive national title, the Dazzlers went straight back to the dance floor to prepare for state. Tomorrow, state will be held in Indianapolis at New Castle High School.

Before 2009 Coach Todd Sharp left it up to the girls to decide if they wanted to go to state or not since nationals is extremely intense and exciting. Now, however, it is mandatory to go to state if they go to nationals.

“State is always a fun time for all of us girls to get closer together. It is a great team bonding experience,” said senior Jenna Wilbur.

This year the Dazzlers will perform their pom and hip-hop routines. Wilbur said she thinks they will do really well in both routines, especially their pom.

“We have won first in pom at every competition we have gone to this year, so hopefully we will at state, too,” said Wilbur.

Even though the Dazzlers were tired after nationals, they still came back motivated and ready to work hard to do well at state.

“We’ve had to keep our stamina up since we got back from nationals, but we haven’t had as many practices since we got home from nationals,” said freshman Courtney Crombie.

Crombie has high hopes of winning tomorrow despite the team’s previous experiences at the competition.

“Even though preparing for state is an extra month on our season, we all look forward to the experience and competition,” said Wilbur.

The Dazzlers won state in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, and 2010 in the past 10 years, and they hope to add another year to that list tomorrow.