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Columnist says goodbye to Class of 2014

By Danielle Sheally

Having two hundred brothers and sisters is a lot but in reality it can happen.

Every year a new round of seniors come in, and every year hearts get broken. The reason we get so attached to the upperclassmen is because we look up to the individuals. We create a bond that can be everlasting because some of these students have been with us through a lot of ups and downs throughout high school. We admire them because they’re about ready to start their journey in the next part of their lives but, we have only begun. Every student wants to be in their position, about ready to graduate and leaving high school forever.

On the outside the senior class seems calm, cool, and collected. On the inside though, it is safe to say that most of them are absolutely terrified of what is to come. Underclassmen don’t realize it, but the seniors have hardly any wiggle room to make mistakes in their last year. We also don’t realize that applying for college if you chose that path, is like applying for a job. It can be so stressful because every college has different requirements to get into their programs, also it can be very nerve wracking to leave your family for the first time if you haven’t done it before.

The first day of our freshmen year is very nerve wracking because it’s not just the group you transferred with from middle school, it’s three other grades ahead of you that are bigger and scarier. Soon after, you start getting enough courage to start a conversation with them, through these conversations we start to see that are more similarities than we initially thought. These friendships that are made throughout the years make it even harder for us to let them go.

This year, I made bonds with three very special people.

Bryce Romig is very animated, he always comes into journalism class with a situation that some how he can turn into a gut busting story that can turn our day right side up. Another thing about Bryce is he’s very goal oriented, I’ve never met someone who wants to move to another country so bad that they’re willing to put in the extra work to graduate early just so they can get there sooner. He also has a way of making people feel so loved it’s incredible, this could be the first day you’ve ever talked to him, and I guarantee he will make you smile within the first five minutes of the conversation. We are all going to miss that smiling face around our halls.

This next person has enough spunk for everyone in the United States.

What can we say about Bekah Landers, well first if she was on Broadway every show would have her in the starring role. Second, her sarcasm is as dry as the desert, but hilariously funny. One time she made me laugh so hard, I could feel my stomach touch my ribs. Third, Bekah will try anything. The most important thing to know about her though is, she can make the most boring event into the most fun we’ll have all year. We will never laugh as hard or as loudly when she is gone.

Einstein had a prodigy and her name is Maria Murphy.

There’s a lot of words that could describe her, but here are the top three. Maria’s kindness goes far beyond anyone I’ve ever met. She would be willing to give up her whole life savings to help all the starving kids in the United States. Being a hard worker is a lifestyle for her; Maria stays up late many of nights trying to get all the work she has committed to done.  She always gives 110%. The thing I will miss most is her sense of what-ever-happens-happens. She could fall down a cliff, break her arm and be totally clam about it. Purple and gold will always have a special place in my heart.

Senior class of 2014, even though I didn’t get to know all of you I got to know some of you, and no matter how far you all go know that our family will always keep us connected.

Columnist urges readers to write their feelings out

By Danielle Shealy

A piece of paper can take us anywhere, but it’s deciding where we want to go that’s the hardest part.

Writing is the best addiction to ever have because it’s like our own personal psychologist. We can write down how we feel and then if need be, we can throw it away after.  Writing lets us be who we are without any judgement.  It also lets us feel how we want to feel without any opposing views on certain issues.  A pencil can turn into our own private airline and take us anywhere in the world we want to go. Although my writing is messy and my process is also unconventional, I write my best pieces this way.

I would describe my writing as word: puke.  When I puke my words out on paper, I tend to over-compensate by adding more words than I need to get my point across.  Also, I tend to use a single word, multiple times, throughout the paper.  These tendencies are fixable but if I didn’t have these mistakes in my writing, then it truly wouldn’t be my voice speaking through the page.

I have always wanted to go to New York City, but never had the money or time, so I made up my own New York.  In the New York I imagined, it’s not quite as busy and people are a little friendlier. There are more businesses that give job opportunities to people with disabilities and less buildings that aren’t accessible to wheelchairs.  Most importantly though, there are more people willing to help others in my New York.

There have been so many times when I was writing either for myself or others that I didn’t realize how I really felt about something until the words were right on the paper. As people of society we feel like everything we have to write about has to sound formal and proper, but that’s not the case at all. Writing is made for free expression, but I do understand sometimes where we would need to make our writing proper for research papers, an argumentative essay and anything that has to do with professionally presenting a point.

People shouldn’t be scared to share their opinions if it helps them become stronger and more empowered.  We should accept others and their opinions because views of the world should never be one-sided.  Writing is the best way that I can show my opinions and views of the world to others and I hope people look at my writing as being well-rounded.  As a writer, I want to make my opinion heard, but I also want others to understand that writing could be a good way for them to express their feeling and opinions too.

Writing is absolutely terrifying and I understand that completely.  It’s like falling from a cliff without knowing what to expect at the bottom.  Not all prying eyes will like what you put out there, but if it matters to you, put it out there anyway.  Some of the most famous writers were told that their pieces would never go anywhere, but are any one of us the kind of person that just gives up?

When you are inspired to write, please do it.  You never know who will be reading.



#SPEAKOUT: Columnist reflects on self-help book

By Danielle Sheally

One of the most despised books at Floyd Central by far is the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens. I can understand why students feel this way, but if they actually read in detail I feel like the response would be different.

The career information class in which we read this book is required for every FC student. The 7 Habits book is actually stemmed from a book the author’s father wrote called The 7 Habits of the Highly Effective Adult. I don’t know about the adult version but, in the teen version it covers things from being the best person we can be, to what we can do if we’ve been in an abusive relationship. The books passages aren’t very long but if we get bored with that there’s always pictures or quotes from people on every page. What makes this book so effective, is that it gives personal accounts from people who are going through a certain situation in each section. This helps us feel like we’re not the only ones going through a certain problem.

Even though this book is required at Floyd Central in taking this class, students learn how to take a rough situation and turn it into a positive experience. Also, this books helps teach time management and gives us tools towards managing out time successfully throughout life. The book gives us suggestions like making charts so we can see how much time we’re spending on things throughout the day. He suggests to us to get the important stuff out of the way first so we can do the things we want to do later in the day. With this book I’ve been able to implement several of the tools he teaches into my life.

The 7 Habits have taught me to get over things I can’t control in my life. When I am in control I need to find something like my reaction to problems or how I do in school to focus on. Something that really affected me was when he talked about the differences between proactive and reactive people. I learned that a proactive person thinks through problems and goes after what they want. A reactive person never thinks ahead and waits for things to happen to them (I’m about 80 percent proactive and 20 percent reactive).

So, after you hear the mixture of negative and positive about this book, I challenge you to see what side you’re on.


#SPEAKOUT: Columnists shares lessons learned from sibling

By Danielle Sheally

There comes a time in everyone’s life when a best friend or sibling backs down their driveway to start the next chapter in the journey of life and, until they’re gone we don’t realize how much they really affected our lives. My brother Willie always connected with people well. He was the person that automatically made a awkward situation feel totally comfortable and, for the class of 2013 he was definitely one of the most recognized people.

As I look back on our time together, two things my brother taught me that are imporant are: stay confident in any situation, and always form some kind of relationship with the people in our lives.

For me, staying confident in certain situations helps me rationalize with the issue at hand. For example, if I have to do the project that involves public speaking I always try to get interested in some aspect of the topic. That way the project is easier to talk about. If it something I’m really not interested in though I always try to crack a couple jokes related to the topic so it allows the crowd and I to become more relaxed.

Forming relationships with teachers and colleagues is something that I always try to do, because it may come to help when I least expect it. The relationship also help me know what kind of personality my teacher of friend has so, if I want say something I know whether to refrain from saying it or not. It’s always good to have if you just want to blow off steam.


So, my brother may not realize it right now but, he’s actually really helped me in my life.

#SPEAKOUT: Seeing dancing at work

By Danielle Sheally

By far, I think Dance Marathon is the most anticipated event of the year.

When our student body is dancing and having fun at FCDM our ears hear all these stories about the money we are raising to help out the individuals that benefit from Riley.  There are different outlets Riley participates in besides the Dance Marathon.  One of the outlets that I benefit from is Camp Riley.  Camp Riley is a place where children with a wide range of disabilities can go camping without their parents.

At Riley there is wide range of activities for kids to do while they are there.  Some of the activities are arts and crafts, archery, and nature walks.  At each activity the campers are encouraged to try to be as independent as possible but help is there if we need it.  I think what makes Camp Riley so different is that most of their counselors are medical students.  The counselors get handson practice with many different types of medical issues.  These in turn help them immensely with understanding their field of work.

For me, Riley is a place to get away from my parents.  This is definitely the biggest perk for me. Being at camp makes me realize that I am not the only one out  in the world that wants to experience opportunities that I usually would not be able to, because some are just too physically challenging.  We all struggle with the same obstacle at Riley, which is not being able to experience the things we want to.  Riley lets us see that we are not alone in our struggles.

When I was at Riley, my favorite activities were archery and talking to my counselors. The feeling of having a weapon in my hands was very liberating.  Also, occasionally, when I hit a target, I get excited too.  Archery made me feel empowered by the feeling of being able to sit down and shoot something that is extremely powerful.  Talking to counselors was hands down the most enjoyable thing.  When campers are there, we develop and grow relationships while at camp with the counselors because most of them are near our age.  I also enjoy our conversations because they let me know what college is like and what I need to expect.  So I guess you could say that not only are they mentors, but they are friends too.

Who ever thought a couple dance moves could could help so many people smile.