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Dance Marathon coverage from just past the halfway point

By Sophia Perigo

FCDM begins with continuing excitement

Photos by Lexi Sapp

FCDM raises $85,709.12 benefiting Riley Hospital for Children

Photos by Braden Schroeder and Robert Wormley


Mr. and Miss Floyd Central announced on Class Night

By Natalie Allen

The auditorium seats begin to fill, the voices of the crowd lower to a dull roar. Seniors take their seats under the burning light of the stage as principal Janie Whaley opens Class Night with congratulatory praise and best wishes of the future to come.

This past Wednesday seniors attended Class Night, in which students were awarded scholarships and recognized for various high school achievements. Among the prestigious awards given was the announcement of Mr. and Miss Floyd Central, which concluded the evening.

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Riley families benefit from Dance Marathon

By Alaina King

Mickey Deputy had open heart surgery when she was 10 months old and was diagnosed with leukemia at age seven.

Riley Lesh was born 15 weeks premature, spent 90 days in the NICU, and had a benign tumor removed from her shoulder.

Between six months and a year old, Ella McBride  stopped growing, had heart failure, and an auto kidney transplant.

Although these stories are unique, these girls had one thing in common: being treated at Riley Children’s Hospital.

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