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By J.D. McKay

It is hard to call freshman Savanna Liddle underrated. She is already finishing third on the cross country team behind two seniors who will both be running at college next year. But, when one of the girls ahead of you is your sister, it would be easy to fall into her shadow, especially when your sister was all-state as a junior and broke the school record last Saturday. However, Savanna does not see herself as being in Sydney’s shadow. 

“I do not think that I am really in Sydney’s shadow,” she said. “We have been training and working together through the whole off season, so we really hope each other will do well. Plus, she was all-state last year, and being all-state is definitely one of my goals. It is not like my parents or anyone through a lot of pressure on me to be all-state like her.”

The hard work with her sister has led to the success Savanna has already seen. 

“We do cross training, which means swim workouts, and workout videos as well as running. We would run seven to eight miles on long days, but normally we do five or six miles a day,” said Savanna. “Plus, my dad is a coach for the team, so it is nice having him at home to train with me a little extra.”

While most people would enjoy the success Savanna has seen her freshman year and might even let it go to their head, she has not done that. 

“I like getting to see the team every day and competing with my teammates and against other good runners. I want to be a good example to other girls because I try to run for Jesus because he gave me the ability to do this,” said Savanna. 

She also understands that to be a successful runner you need to always push and do, not let yourself plateau. 

Savanna said, “Of course I want to be all-state, but I know right now if I try to get faster and PR (personal record) every race I will get there, hopefully soon.”

Savanna is clearly a talented runner, but throughout the interview, she made it very clear that running was not her end goal. 

“Obviously it is fun to be successful and be on a good team,” she said. “But honoring God in all that I do is more important than running or swimming or school or whatever I do.”


Previewing fall sports

By J.D. McKay

Sports at FC are finally upon us. After months of lifting in the new weight room and hours of practices over the summer, it is time to play. Expectations for every sports are high, which seems to be common over the past three years.

Volleyball starts the season off by playing Christian Academy at home tomorrow. But it is almost a month until the first rivalry game. They play New Albany on the road on Sept. 12. The biggest home rivalry games are against Providence on Sept. 18, and Jeff on Oct. 3. Providence is always a tough match, and the Pioneers often beat us in volleyball. Hopefully, this team will be the one to finally beat Providence. They are also in our sectional, so beating them in September could give us the upper hand later in sectionals. 

One team that has a good chance of winning state is boys’ tennis. Last year, they graduated one significant senior, but returned several other players, including senior Alex Poe, who has been all-state, and senior Eric Whitehouse, who was all-conference last year. They finished in the Final Four last year, so it would not surprise me if they had another good year. They will hosting Providence tomorrow. 

Girls’ golf is another sport that always does well. I do not know why that would change this year. Our three best players, sophomore Sophie Cook and junior Zoe Hoehn both return. They went one, two in sectionals, so I expect another top finish in sectionals from the pair. They play against New Albany on Aug. 27 at Covered Bridge Golf Course. 

The other team that has a good shot at winning state is girls’ cross country. They have a great team led by senior Sydney Liddle, who was all-state last year. They came up just two points short last year in semi-state. They did graduate one runner, but the team is strong and deep enough that it should not be a hard replacement. The boys’ will also have a good team. Last year they won regionals and only graduated one runner. They should be able to repeat their regional victory behind senior twins David and Luke Heinemann. Neither team has a home meet this year. 

Boys’ and girls’ soccer are both coming off sectional championships, but, the boys’ lost a big senior class. However, senior Xander Ochsner is one of the best players in Southern Indiana, and senior Drew Cromwell might be the most athletic senior at FC right now. Both seniors should be big players and leaders for this team. They play New Albany at home on Sept. 19. 

The girls, on the other hand, lost some seniors, but this senior class is huge. Audrey Brumfield is a senior and headed to Murray State. Senior Katie Yankey, although hurt in the Turkey Bowl, will be back sooner than expected. Last season she was all-state and the Courier Journal best female soccer player in Kentuckiana. Along with six other seniors, many of whom have seen significant varsity action, they should lead the team to a successful year. The girls also play New Albany Sept. 19, before the boys’ game. 

The last team to mention is football. The schedule has changed significantly over the off-season. Now, New Albany is Week Four, on Sept. 13, and Jeff is a week later. Both games are at home. There were a few key losses last season, but many players are young and returning. However, the biggest excitement is the change in sectional. Columbus East is now 6A. So that leaves New Albany, Jeff, and Bedford North Lawrence. That sectional is more open than it has been in years, so it could lead to an exciting October in Southern Indiana high school football.


Boys’ cross country team looks to build on successful season

By Miranda Legg

With focus and determination, members of the boys’ cross country team looked for the finish line during last week’s cross country meet at Saint Xavier.

As this year’s season gets underway, the team looks to their seniors to lead them to the right direction.

“As seniors we’ve all grown up a little bit and we have definitely taken on more responsibilities in helping out the younger or even less experienced guys. If any of us see anything going wrong we’ll be sure to help out or help pick up whichever teammate it is that’s feeling down or feeling the cross season fatigue,” said senior Chance Schickel. “I’d say personally my message for the new guys coming in that is that it doesn’t start out fast for everyone, but you just have to trust the grind and the results will come.” Continue reading Boys’ cross country team looks to build on successful season

Brother and sister unite in public athletics

By Ashton Beck

When walking into a building for learning and receiving an education, students also come to participate in public school athletics.

Previous homeschooler junior Grant Vellinger arrived to FC, and it was the first time being a full time student in a public school.

“I was homeschooled for nine years. My first year at a public school was my freshman year at Floyd,” said Vellinger.  Along with Vellinger, his sister, sophomore Paige Vellinger also came to FC as a freshman for the same reason.

Grant involves himself in more than one sport.

“I played soccer and ran track my freshman year. Sophomore year I ran cross country and track and I’m doing the same thing this year,” said Grant.  Paige ended up doing the same as Grant.

Before FC, Grant was able to be a part of athletics.

“I played club soccer for Javanon which is a club in Louisville. That was pretty much year round,” said Grant.

Paige also participated in soccer before FC.

“I first played soccer for Graceland Baptist Church until I was in sixth grade then I played with Southern Indiana United,” said Paige.  She also ran on a home schooled cross country team.

Grant enjoys school sports over club.

“Club sports are much more serious. I don’t think club sports are as fun as school sports and mainly because I wasn’t very good friends with the guys on my club team. The guys on the cross country team are like my brothers,” said Grant.

With their athletics being a big priority, Grant’s top priority is his academics.

“My academics come before everything else at FC,” said Grant.

With all the accomplishments Paige and Grant have made at a public school, they have made their mom proud.

“I am very proud of them. I think that public athletics taught them many good life skills like a good work ethic,” said mom Erin Vellinger.

Doebbler excels in the classroom and on the track

By Sidney Reynolds

Before a big race junior Zach Doebbler always puts his headphones on and cranks his favorite metal music on high so he can focus for the big race ahead of him. He began running at a young age and decided to embrace it, and like so many of his teammates he got a start through his parents.

“I actually got into cross country when I was six. My dad had coached for 23 years at a school in Arizona, and he had taken me under his wing to run with him. New to the whole running aspect, I quickly picked it up and carried it with me up to this point,” said Doebbler.

Now he is in his third year on the varsity cross country team. “Zach is an extremely strong competitor. He wants to win every time he goes out and runs,” said junior teammate Grant Reynolds.His father,William Doebbler, who originally inspired him said, “I am extremely proud of him. He has worked very hard to get where he is at.”

Doing practices that are usually an hour and 30 minutes long everyday including weekends, he has definitely earned it.

“At least twice a week we [the varsity team] will have intense runs to train our speed and one long run typically ranging from 12-17 miles,” said Doebbler.

Doebbler plans to attend a Division One school and to run both track and cross country, which is why he is taking honors Algebra II, AP Composition, AP Psychology, and advanced classes in web design. “He treats school like running; he works hard, and does good in school as well,” said Reynolds.

To make his college dream come true he has to plan his schedule very carefully to make sure he has enough time for practice and to get his homework done.

“I try to have a good balance between my heavy course load and demanding schedule by completing my homework in school and getting as much help as possible from my teachers. For me, life is about picking and choosing,” said Doebbler, “and sometimes I have to cut down on other extracurricular activities and time with friends in order to meet my team’s demands.”

He also has his friends to help whenever he needs it. “Zach is a hard worker and it helps push the rest of the team to try and stay up with him,” said junior teammate Reese Tarr.

“He is always encouraging the junior varsity guys at races,” said sophomore Brett Yeaton.

“He’s a great friend. Everything that comes out of his mouth makes me laugh.” said Reynolds.  Fitting in school, family, and sports can be very challenging but he manages.

“Most of my time is spent with my team overall, and most of my team has become a part of my social life,” said Doebbler. “All of my teammates encourage healthy behavior, even to the extent of getting good sleep and eating right. Our team is very much so like a family; we are very tight-knit.”

With all his friends and family out there to motivate him, he is a student-athlete that has a future in track as well as in academics.

“The only thing I have to say is watch out everyone, I’m going for all-state,” said Doebbler.